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Looks interesting...
I've had mine since Tuesday.  I think they work well with any genre.  Currently listening to house music with these babies.  Loving the sound!
Just bought these earlier today.  So far, they sound pretty good.  I'm amazed how comfortable they are.
Alright, cool.  Just placed an order for these.  
I have my eye on these headphones.  I was wondering, how does the subbass compare to the subbass of the Sony xb90ex?  Thanks in advance.
Some sad news...the right bud of my pair is dead. I don't know if I should order another pair or get the xb70...
I don't know if this has been answered or not, but does the ZX1 feature gapless playback?
Just ordered a pair this morning.  Now the waiting begins...
Quick question: how is the sub bass?
I have both the eph 100 and xb90ex.  The Yamahas have more mid bass and detailed highs compared to the Sonys.  The Sonys, to me, have an overall smoother sound...gotta love the enticing subbass.
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