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I'll second that suggestion (same drivers, evidently, only in a closed design). Another option is the Sennheiser HD428, available refurbed on ebay for $25. I have both the Takstar Pro 80 and HD428, and find them to be rather similar. I think I prefer the HD428 even, it just seems a little crisper and clearer (although this may in part be due to not having an amp). As to comfort, I found them both very comfortable; the Pro 80 is cushier, but also heaver and has a slightly...
How about Superlux 662f (in the States, can be found rebranded as CAD MH-310). It has excellent clarity, soundstange, and seperation.  Flat responce, but good and percise bass. There is also the 662 and 669, which have a little boost in the bass.
Martin Logan Mikros 90 On-Ear Headphones are a Newegg Shellshocker at 10am PST. They usually sell for $299, now $129.99
A budget suggestion for you: Sennheiser HD428 (refurbs on ebay for $25 shipped). They are very lightweight, and in addition have low clamping force (but still secure). And they also have excellent SQ, and of the sort that would be ideal for your requirements. I also have the Takstar Pro 80 (Gemini branded), which many have claimed to be very comfortable (as I recall, one poster said it was the most comfortable headphone he ever owned), and while I find it is very...
For me it was the Superlux 662f (when I was still just lurking here). To be honest, I have never listed to much music at all (and would never have included it on a list of my favorite things to do), but it is amazing what even a decent pair of headphones did to increase my enjoyment of music. I find myself listening to music much more than I used to. And of course, now I'm in the market for some more headphones....
Can anyone compare the sound of the Pro80 to the Superlux 662f? I have a pair of those which I really like (except I find the mids a bit recessed). I don't really want anything with more recessed mids or even more bass emphasis than 662f. A comparison against the Sennheiser HD428 (which I've also heard) could also help me. Thanks!
Is there any difference in comfort between the Brainwavz version and the NVX Audio version (or at least enough to warrent the difference in price)? Also, can anyone compare the sound of these to the Superlux 662f or the Takstar Pro80?
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