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Decided on the PSB! The folding and styling did it for me since with what I can tell the sq is extremely close.
So I've gotten it down to the PSB M4U1 and the AK 550. The think that will choose for me is the build quality. What has yalls experience been for these cans regarding that?
Really?! My phone can drive it well without an amp?! I had no idea I was that lucky lol
I hope I know what you mean by source. I'm planning on using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I know its not gonna be the best quality. If I was planning on buying an amp, what would you recommend? My main worry with buying an amp is this. Will a 200 dollar set of cans with a 100 dollar amp be better than a 300 dollar headset without?
I've been looking through the equipment advice forums and when asked what type of music they listen to, I have not once heard country! So my question is, are y'all out there? And if not, why do you think that is?
Thank you so much for your reply! I'm still trying to get a feel for whats out there. If I were to buy an amp, would your recomendation change drastically? My main worry about that is if I do buy an amp and a pair of headphones will it really be better sounding than a more expensive set of cans?
I've been hearing a lot about the AKG K551? And I get that it would benefit from an amp greatly but would it still sound good?
Alright. I have no experience with high quality headphones but here is what I think I know. For use from my phone I'm looking for low Ohms. I also know that I need sealed/closed back. That's it. Lol you might see why I need help. I listen to everything from Bach to Drake. My price range is 350 and I really, really don't want to have an amp in my pocket all the time.
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