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I really preferred the cans with this mod. However, if the fit is too tight and pressing on your ears, simply shoving in some paper under the original leather pads to buff them up a bit can give you a little. That helped me in not getting too much pressure on my ears. 
I'm using my LD MK IV SE with a pair of Denon D7000 and it's giving out a high-pitched whining sound. The whine doesn't get higher when I change the volume, it appears to just be constant.    Does anyone experience this? Any ideas to what the solution might be?   There is no ground by the way. 
I have the J$ pads on mine... they are cheaper than the stock pads and in my opinion way better (MUCH better comfort and I can't really hear a difference... although I haven't experimented heavily back and forth with them.    I recently upgraded from an Aune X1 as DAC/amp to using a Little Dot MK IV SE as the amp - while it didn't do that much for my Denon D7000, it really gave the Sig Pros a much needed (in my opinion) lift in the warmer/stronger bass direction. Now...
  This is the result of an intimate date between my sig pros and a pair of J$ pads. The pads are a bit too big so they fall off it I fumble around with them too much but the fit is amazing and I even feel that the sound signature is more enjoyable; Slightly less aggressive on the higher frequencies. DEFINITELY worth it!
I've tried an improvised version of the PhatPad mod here and it worked WONDERS for the comfort of the phones! I feel like it also gave a slight lift in the bottom which makes me all the more psyched
Definitely also Denon D7000. I own both D7000, Pro 900 and signature pro but D7000 are my favourite for warm bassy sound.
 Wow thanks, that was precisely what I needed! I would feel much more comfortable playing around with it now.   Thanks, that's awesome advice. I'll give that mod a try before pushing ahead with a bigger restructuring of the pads. 
Could you explain a little more in detail how you got the pads off? Also, do you think it would be possible to somehow get alpha/J$/Lawton pads mounted instead?
Ok, but do you think they would fit? Are Alpha pads the same size as Lawton or J$? I'm considering going for the first set I see used and then just looking at them and maybe going for it. I just wish I could find a youtube or some pictures of someone else disassembling a pair of sig pros - I have no idea what to expect beneath the stock pads. It seems like I can rotate the plastic ring they are mounted on but I don't know how/if it comes off without destroying some plastic...
I have a few noobie questions about pad modding... Does anyone know how easy it is to mod the signature pros with alpha dog pads? I know that the pro 900s are super easy to mod because you can screw the pads on and off but the same doesn't seem to be the case with the sig pros.  Also, are the Alpha Dogs just "one size fits all" or do you need to ask them to mod the pads specifically for your phone? 
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