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I got the last one at futureshop thanks to your post. Anyways after using the mixamp with the PS4 and call of duty, it is far superior to a regular DAC through USB or optical. I can now pinpoint exactly where people are on the map and where bullets are flying from. At first I thought my ears were just not trained to locate the sounds. Not so at all. The mixamp almost perfectly simulates sound around you. I can't believe I haven't been using this thing the whole time.
Having had these three for a few months now and rotating between them:   1. HE-6 = HD800 3. TH900   kayandjohn, great work on the analysis! The sounds like what I hear.
Read this thread: Not many people know about this DAC. I paid $270 shipped for mine. It has an amazing price to performance ratio.
 Thanks so much Frank. Sounds like a very worthwhile upgrade to at least try. I have to get mine done now!
Hey Frank, can we get more details on the changes in sound? I'm really interested in getting mine done also.
I highly doubt the 560 will have the same quality as the HE-6. That would be something though if it does.
Onelivewire, I appreciate the comparison. Helps me a lot.
He says it is the best sounding closed headphone he has ever heard. He says it has the same soundstage as the HD800 but with better bass. He did however say it has a hint less detail than the HD 800. He says the highs are piercing for badly recorded music. That to me sounds like the TH-900 is one of the best headphones out there.
 Where did he indicate he didn't like them? Am I missing something? I've watched that video twice now and he seems to like them. He even says he highly recommends them if you are looking for a closed headphone.
Oh alright. I'm sorry I misunderstood your intentions. I do respect David Mahler and he has swayed me to try certain headphones I probably would not have. However, my advice to you is if you can't audition the TH-900s, but curious in how they sound, is that you look for a used pair. If you don't like the way they sound then you can sell without a loss or minimum loss.
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