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Does the Gungnir have USB and if so what version?
The problem is the loss of wallet weight for that placebo. If you knew in advance your money wouldn't get you any sound improvement you could skip the whole exercise and just enjoy what you have.
During the blind test have your assistant place the phones over your head from behind and do enough repetitions to make the results meaningful. I would suggest at least 10 tries and guess correct > 75% because random chance will get you to 50%. If true double blind tests were required for all new audio gear claims the industry would collapse.
 Steve, you may not be aware of this but other people will read my post.
 Steve, see the output transformer secondary in the schematic below? That's a balanced output. The coil, speaker wire and speaker voice coil make up the loop for electron flow. It doesn't need a ground connection. That's how professional audio equipment send out their balanced 3-pin XLR signal, with a transformer made up of a single wire connected to two output terminals (hot, cold and a separate ground wire). A balanced line rejects RFI and radio magnetic interference...
This output transformer's secondary puts out a balanced signal (equal impedance) and is not grounded:     But most speaker amps today tie one of the secondary wires to ground for safety reasons and this makes the impedance between the + and - wires unequal so you lose the benefits of balanced output:  
 This is only true if your amplifier does not have common ground output. It seems that most speaker amps today have their negative speaker terminals tied to ground for safety and liability purposes. It may even be a UL listing requirement.
In theory there would be a benefit to keeping the two channel cables separate but Canare Star Quad is used for very long microphone (very sensitive to noise) runs and does a fantastic job of suppressing noise.
Very cool test rig!
The headphone power calculator spreadsheet is here:   There's also an Android version that's free, just search for rob robinette at the Play Store.
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