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 I bet that would sound sweet.
It's been a couple of years since I modded the Fostex but I did pretty much all the standard mods. They have more bass than my HE-500s but I really like the way they sound.
I'm in the middle of a move and had my stereo gear packed up for a while. I just got the UD-H01 hooked back up to the Mjolnir and I've been enjoying the Led Zeppelin Remasters with my heavily modified & balanced Fostex T50RPs. The Zep has never sounded better. Life is good.
 Yes, a 10 ohm 1 watt resistor connected across the speaker posts will show the amp an approximately 8 ohm load and keep it happy. At only 12w per channel you may not need any attenuation resistors at all. I recommend you try a direct connection first and see if you hear any hiss. If you do have hiss you want to reduce then I recommend this configuration: a 7 ohm 5 watt R2 and a 1 ohm 3 watt R3. Going higher on the wattage ratings is ok. 
It comes out from the wire side. These are my K240s after I pressed the old 3-pin plug out:       My detailed how-to is here: Balanced Mod
The Wiki article mentions that a designer can use the magnetic damping force created by Back EMF (electromotive force or more commonly voltage) to actually add control of the voice coil and cone. With no Back EMF the movement of the coil and cone can 'overshoot' and cause distortion. The damping can be thought of as a 'shock absorber' for the speaker cone. With the right amount of Back EMF damping an amp will sound better than with none at all but changing the Back EMF...
Nice work on the cable Jason.
Sonic D, Unless someone has tried your headphones with your amp you'll just have to hook them up and give it a try. Just have the volume knob at zero and turn it up slowly and decide if you like it. You may hear some hiss since it's a powerful amp but only you can decide if it's acceptable. If it isn't you could add a resistor network to attenuate the amp's output or simply give up on that amp.
Silver, we are not using the 'headphone stage.' This thread is about connecting headphones directly or through a resistor network to a speaker amp's speaker terminals.
If it upsamples everything why does the DAC have all the lights showing the bit rate? Anyway discerning upsampling 'noise' is beyond my ears capability.
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