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If you're not an electrical engineer and are curious about how tube amplifiers work I have a webpage dedicated to explaining them in the most non-technical method possible. The page uses guitar amplifiers but the theory is pretty much the same. If you are interested please take a look and I welcome corrections and suggestions.   I use the super simple Fender 5F1 Champ which uses only 26 electronic components and follow the...
Wow. The HD6XX is amazing. My music, especially high volume rock-and-roll, sounds better with these headphones than anything I have ever listened to. They just sound so right compared to my modified T50RP and HE-500 that they must match my sonic preference to a T. The Massdrop purchase of the HD6XX is the best $200 I have ever spent.   I bought a spare Sennheiser cable on Amazon and cut the single-ended TRS plug off the end and soldered on a 4-pin XLR to mate with my...
Your first link is to a 3 pin connector so it won't work but the second link should work.
Chris, Guido was asking if the ground lift switch affected how he would interface his headphones to his amp and in this context "The ground lift switch doesn't have anything to do with the speaker common ground" is a plain and understandable answer. Yes, we all know the ground lift switch affects all amplifier internal grounds.
Simply measure for continuity between the amp's black negative terminals (with the amp unplugged). If you get a continuity beep from your multimeter you have a common ground (single ended output).
The ground lift switch doesn't have anything to do with the speaker common ground.
I haven't tried it on Linux but many have with no issues. Only the Windows driver had problems.
I don't believe any of the Linux distributions ever had any problems to begin with so you should be golden.
I tried to use my UDH01 with the Windows 10 Preview but I couldn't get the newest drivers to work. Anyone have success?
Does the Gungnir have USB and if so what version?
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