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Silver, we are not using the 'headphone stage.' This thread is about connecting headphones directly or through a resistor network to a speaker amp's speaker terminals.
If it upsamples everything why does the DAC have all the lights showing the bit rate? Anyway discerning upsampling 'noise' is beyond my ears capability.
 I totally agree. To really appreciate the DAC you need to hear it connected to a nice amp.
 Sorry, I thought it was 100 per channel. Then the box should work fine.
The only problem is that box is only rated for 50w per channel so you'd limit your max volume for your speakers.
Thanks hennessys.
No, sorry, I don't know of anyone making them commercially.
 The amount of attenuation you need is situation dependent. If you have just a little noise floor hiss or just need a little more volume control then 12dB might be appropriate. If you need more then 18 and if you're using a 100+ watt amp then 25dB or more might be warranted. For most people going with 18dB to start with is probably best.
^ I agree.
In other words put it on the amp's input. These attenuators can make your amp's noise floor hiss worse because your signal is being pushed down toward the floor (which is not lowered) where an attenuator on the amp's output pushes everything down including the noise floor.
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