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Me last night: 11:50p "I don't need this amp" 11:53p reopens webpage 11:55p "but it's LIMITED edition" 11:57p "ah f*** it" On second thought, I probably shouldn't have ordered 2 warm solid state amps On third thought, now I have an amp for the bedroom
Pulled the trigger at 11:57 CST   NO REGRETS
Got my eyes on gumby and bimby. If bimby is extremely close to SE-out gumby, I think bimby is a far better value at less than 1/2 the price. Thoughts?
I really want to try both dacs to see if Gumby is worth 2x the price of bimby, especially since I see myself sticking with a SE only amp for the next several years... but it's $65 if I end up returning gumby .-.   Deciding is hard, I don't know how you guys do it 
Yggy definitely exceeds the amount of money I'm comfortable with spending on audio equipment. But I think Gumby's price is reasonable if there is enough of a performance difference between it and Bimby. I might ask Schiit if they're willing to let me get both and waive the restock fee if I decide to keep one (which 99% will happen!)   Looking forward to your impressions sheldaze :) 
Managed to squeeze into the first run though, I feel really lucky    Can't wait til they start shipping!!   Now it's time for DAC shopping
 If the amp I plan to use the Gungnir with is SE input only, would it better serve me to go with a Bifrost MB?
 Between the Valhalla 2 and the Liquid Carbon, which do you feel is a better match for the HD700? Asking for a friend, he's looking at these 2 amps to help smooth out the treble 
Picked mine up for $430, brand new and sealed! Keep your eyes peeled on Amazon, they do dip below $500 new
 Damn, I always read that the MHA-100 was a neutral SS amp that exhibited a slight amount of warmth. Too bad the shop didn't have any tube amps out at this time.I've got an EC Black Widow on order now for the 800, but we'll see if that can do the trick for the 700's too 
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