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Fully agree. HD800 vs LCD2/3 is more preference than anything. Auditioning is highly recommended, you might find you prefer one over the other. I always thought I was a fan of the dark/warm/full sound until I tried the 800.
 There's a shop in my area that does audio setups for cars. Audison and Hertz have very, very impressive systems. My 991 has a 12 speaker Burmester system 
My grad present, 2013 911 Carrera 4S :)       
 I emailed Donald two weeks ago and I was quoted 12-13 months :( Maybe he's finished a few up by now
Super fun game! Does anyone else play? Figured I'd start the thread :)    Come join "Big Deck Club" if anyone is looking for a friendly clan (we're the 600 trophy requirement one). Lemme know if you need me to sneak you in! 
 Marv is the CEO of Eddie Current.  To my understanding, the BW orders sold out around February or March.  From the EC site: Maybe you got routed to spam? Don't see why you can't get a reply.
 I've seen Marv stress repeatedly for some time now to not send in any order forms for the BW as they are sold out and not accepting more orders. Could be why you're being ignored?
Ah I will be more careful with my words then. The entire 100 units is one "run." They are building them in increments of 50. The first 50 (sold out) is by preorder basis while the last 50 will be first come first serve.
According to Marv, the first run is indeed sold out and all units spoken for. The following second run is being sold on a first come first serve basis when they become available.
New Posts  All Forums: