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Any recommendations on Comply tips for the W3 guys?    Been using the silicone tips and they work great, but isolate maybe only 75-80% of all sound. 
Wow, HD650's were amazing. I went to the Audioconcepts store in Dallas, and auditioned them. They were awesome. Got to compare them side by side to a Beyer T1 and a HD800 and I can comfortably say the difference in SQ is noticeable, but not too big.  Was a bit surprised, however, on how similar my Westone 3's sounded quality-wise to the HD650's... makes me a little hesitant to buy them considering I got the W3's for merely $160 and a HD650+dac/amp setup would come in at...
(please delete this thread, thanks)
Awesome, thanks 
Would the Schiit Modi/Magni be more than enough to drive a HD650 out of a Macbook Pro?
Dang it!! I was hoping to finally go to a Dallas Head-Fi meet and here I see that it's already happened 
 Same dilemma here!  It's ok, the LTE makes up for it :)
8.81 lb  16.32 lb 24.4 lb
Good news!    The iPhone 6 will have the 3.5mm headphone jack!
I've been waiting for the new iPhone 6 for some time now but if they remove the 3.5mm jack, I swear I will buy my first Android.
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