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 Correct! Very excited to start listening
Any recommendations for great balanced cables?   Norne Draug2, Nordost, etc come to mind
I thought the same too. But apparently this has been well documented and discussed, and Schiit themselves even said leaving it on is fine and produces optimal results
Warmed gumby for 3 days before trying it out Shocked at how good it is compared to Modi 2U. I was always under the impression dacs added minimal improvement. But now I hear an added dimension to the music, like the notes have more body to them. Bass is more rich, dynamics seem more noticeable, and detail is astounding. And this is paired to Magni 2. At this point I'm wondering if it's psychological and I'm imagining the difference
****, hit off switch on the surge protector and cut power to gumby...   Would this be an issue?    What do you guys do during thunderstorms and such if you're always keeping it on?
lol @ the stick-on feet   Upgrading from the Modi 2, that line just feels so good   Any tips on how to warm up/break in? Do I just leave it on for a week?
Finally! I did it! Gumby is on its way!! 
Fully agree. HD800 vs LCD2/3 is more preference than anything. Auditioning is highly recommended, you might find you prefer one over the other. I always thought I was a fan of the dark/warm/full sound until I tried the 800.
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