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 Marv is the CEO of Eddie Current.  To my understanding, the BW orders sold out around February or March.  From the EC site: Maybe you got routed to spam? Don't see why you can't get a reply.
 I've seen Marv stress repeatedly for some time now to not send in any order forms for the BW as they are sold out and not accepting more orders. Could be why you're being ignored?
Ah I will be more careful with my words then. The entire 100 units is one "run." They are building them in increments of 50. The first 50 (sold out) is by preorder basis while the last 50 will be first come first serve.
According to Marv, the first run is indeed sold out and all units spoken for. The following second run is being sold on a first come first serve basis when they become available.
 Congrats! Very jealous. Any comparisons or impressions with your Stratus and ZD?
+1 for Hansotek, agreed.  Nevertheless, just for some context, the cheapest Cavalli product on the current lineup (not counting the limited edition Carbon) is $3000. Yes, $3000 for their lowest end product (Crimson). A Stratus or ZDS, viewed by many as the best amps money can buy for the HD800, cost $2700 and $2300 respectively. And both are also hand-built by Donald and Craig and sell in perhaps even lower quantities than Cavalli gear.   I've been trying to think how we...
 Agreed. I would say that Cavalli product cycles seem to be even greater leaps than Apple's, maybe like from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 with no incremental "S" model in between. 
 Added them in. I just noticed you can't buy any of the Cavalli amps right now. What's up with that?
Here's a list of the current most widely regarded top amps for the HD800 by price bracket:   $499 and below Schiit Vali 2 Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Schiit Valhalla 2   $500-999 Feliks Audio Elise Schiit Mjolnir 2 ECP Torpedo III Cavalli Liquid Carbon    $1000-1999 Linear Tube Audio microZOTL2 Eddie Current Black Widow Schiit Ragnarok   $2000-2999 Eddie Current Zana Deux S DNA Stratus Headamp GS-X Mk2 Cavalli Liquid Crimson    $3000 and up Eddie...
Have a Gumby incoming, this is actually very helpful info. Thanks!
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