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I think you can do the watch face versions if you pay the full $300 Wizard option.  It's just that they're not available for the $200 reprint option.  And you may have to provide the watch components on top of that...
I love my K10 and my wife loves her 4C.  Just sayin'!
 I think they sound pretty darn good out of my rooted Galaxy Note 3 with V4A installed.  They certainly scale a bit better with a better amp and better DAC, but they don't sound bad out of the phone by any means.  They sound good enough out of my Note 3 that I sometimes won't bring my Leckerton Audio UHA-6S.mkii with me when going out, if I want to be more portable.
I would get the 4S instead. Super comfortable fit and isolation of silicone with another of Noble's more neutral offerings. Plus, it is very highly rated by joker. That us what I would do if the K10 didn't fit.
No, it costs $25 less than custom and doesn't require a trip to the audiologist. If that is what you want, contact 1964ears and they will give you a coupon to use for universal.
I always find that acrylic CIEMs are the fastest and easiest to insert and remove, at least for me. Much quicker than universal IEMs, and slightly faster than custom silicone sleeves / CIEMs.
The last time I checked, it wasn't where I expected it to be.  I am a very happy customer with the Noble cables, and the one slight problem I had (one pin on one cable was too short, so the connection went in / out at some angles) got rectified with a new cable sent out ASAP. I am continuously impressed with Noble's customer service.  Throw in the absolutely stellar sound produced by the headphones, and you have a winning combination. 
Fortunately, I live in Denver so no carpooling needed for me! I can't wait!
 Nice! I can't wait!  I'll be at the show, as will my Wizard-design K10s and my wife's 4Cs. 
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