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Great job, Luke!
I sort of hope that there is damage.  I'm absolutely in love with my custom one.
 I don't know.  I had the unit first (well, second, after it went to an Austin meet) and it sounded the same that everybody (who didn't have the tour unit) was describing it.  I think it'll go on back to Luke at some point for a check up.  It looked to be in pretty much pristine shape when I got it, and I know it was in pristine shape when I sent it back out. If I am honest, I slightly do hope that the tour unit had some sort of issue with it.  I am completely in love with...
It's too bad you won't be there. It's fun every year!  I'd even take you out to one of the many fine local breweries / distilleries / eateries. :-)
As far as I know, there has been no production tuning change. I have an experiment@l tuning in my customs, but those aren't officially an ARIA. So, they should sound the same.I measured the tour ARIA with my Veritas and there is no visible dip on the spectrum. That being said, I really do perceive a dip in the lower mids, and I observed this before talking with anyone about it. I shared my thoughts with @ustinj who confirmed that he heard the same thing (he didn't tell me...
I happenI can assure you that @jjacq is amping her HD800s properly. And her Stax. And her LCD3. She is no spring chicken, either, when it comes to headphones. Although, her loss of her LCD2.1 was my gain.Audio definitely is a personal journey, but I will say that @jjacq's descriptions of headphones and IEMs that I also own or have extensive time with match my own perceptions fairly closely.
PM Sent, as well.
I'd suggest you contact Luke directly.
I believe I am the source of the dip numbers, but they came from listening to a sweep on YouTube so they can and SHOULD be taken with grain of salt.  There is definitely a noticeable dip in the lower mids, though.  The numbers I got didn't come from a signal generator, which is what I'd need to do to get concrete numbers.  They just came from a sine wave sweep on youtube and my own ears. The dip definitely isn't there on the measurements, but I can hear it by ear.   I...
The universal shell is just about perfect.  Luke did an amazing job on it!
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