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Install TWRP first. Then, from TWRP, flash Chainfire's flash able SuperSu installer. Root without having to rely on a king root hack. King root was only necessary before we had custom recovery.
I was quite impressed with the Zeus XR with the ADEL module.  The non-R switch position with the automatic module sounded fantastic.  The manual module was great, but I preferred the automatic module on the Zeus.  The ADEL module made a huge difference for the better in increasing soundstage and bringing out a more fullness in the sound.  I was very quite happy with my audition, and I might look into getting a Zeus XR in the near future.   Great work!
I brought my Maya around RMAF and tried them out of anything and everything I could find.  New Sony Walkman? Perfect.  All of the AK units?  Sublime.  FiiO's amps and DAPs?  No problem.  RHA's new Dacamp?  Treble detail that matches the best TOTL IEMs out there.  Actually, the Dacamp was a really great combination, and I will be picking one up personally.  Of course it sounds fantastic balanced out of my DP-X1.  I tried the new Megamini from HiFiMAN and was pleased to find...
They sound awesome out of the dragonfly red. I told Iain that it sounded suspiciously like the CL1 was tuned with the dragonfly red in mind they lair that well!Sound is definitely balanced. The highs are crisp without being sibilant or fatiguing. The mids are smooth, and there is bass presence in the low end. In shirt, it is an effortless match.
Iain's really great and is a lot of fun to chat with!
I spent some time with Iain this evening at the RHA booth at RMAF.  I listened to the CL1 for a little bit of time.  I'll go back and listen to it more later tomorrow and Sunday (the show was closing down for the night, or I would have spent some more time there).   If you like the T20, you're going to love the CL1.  Build quality is top notch, as to be expected, and the cable DOES NOT twist around in the MMCX-type port.  Having removable cables will be very much...
I'm happy to hear that others are receiving their Mayas. Even more excited that the reviews are matching up with what I hear in mine. Looking forward to seeing even more reviews!
AFAIK, there haven't been any door prizes for at least the last 3 years. I don't think that there will be. You can get your SHaG card and get it filled out, but that will likely take several hours to do. And those prizes don't get announced for several weeks AFTER the show.
That is it exactly. ARIA and MAYA are spiritually related, but they serve different purposes. ARIA has more energy up top and down low. As a result, the mids are relaxed (and for many, myself included, too relaxed). They are fantastic for EDM and jazz, but perhaps not the best choice for vocal tracks or anywhere you care about prominent mids. MAYA takes a different approach. It shifts some of the energy from up top and from down low and focuses it in the mids. It has the...
Luke, you should really mark this thread as NSFW.  I can't stop looking at the headphone porn. :-)
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