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 I've been enjoying these every day since I got them in last year.  I'm happy that they cannot be duplicated 1:1.  Makes me feel nice to have a unique design!
 Owning both, I prefer the K10.  But that's my opinion.
We can agree to disagree. V4A isn't some magic. It just replaces the driver for the internal DAC with one that is implemented a bit better than the default driver. If the phone already has a good driver, it won't do anything. It only unlocks whatever the internal DAC is inherently capable of producing. The Note 3, for example, natively supports 24 bit / 192 kHz. That is good enough for me.I only mentioned the fact that the 846 isn't my primary headphone because I think it...
I was using the Epic 4G Touch variant, so no Wolfson chip for me.
Took an exacto knife and about 15 seconds. Wasn't hard at all.
Personally, I would rather upgrade my headphones than upgrade my source (with the caveat that my source is "good enough"). You will see the most improvement by upgrading your headphones. I would rather spend the $1300 for a JH Roxanne than for a AK120mkii, as I feel like I would get much more improvement for my money.I don't quite agree with your analogy. In my opinion, the differences don't matter when you are 3 inches from the screen. :-) I also do not agree that there...
You know what? The Note 3 actually has a great sound, to my ears. It works well with my 535s, my K10s, and my 846s. Does my dedicated DAC/amp sound a but better? Yes. Am I unhappy with the sound out of my Note 3? Not at all. Is it worth the hassle to connect my phone to a dedicated DAC/amp? Not for me, in most cases. With V4A, the Note 3 is the best sounding smartphone I have heard. I think that even a few years ago, a DAP was a very real improvement on smartphone sound....
I can answer for my wife, who has the 4C. She is using the stock cable, although we cut off the memory wire portion so it works better with her glasses. She uses her iPhone 4S mostly, but she does slightly prefer when she uses my UHA 6S.mkii. the Lecterton amp is pretty awesome. I haven't actually heard anything that drives my K10s any better. Haven't yet gone balanced, but this amp is seriously good.
It probably won't be a default, but you can always buy an extra cable and cut off the memory wire yourself.
If you like it on the 4, wait until you hear it on the K10. :-)
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