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Huh, looked a lot like maple to me. Still looks fantastic! Great work as always.
Love seeing the maple!  Love it in my K10, and would love it in a Prestige, too (although not currently in the budget for something that I already have).   Fantastic work, as always!
I dunno. I very much appreciate a lot of the older country classics on my K10, and there is a lot of pretty good county still produced today that sounds awesome on the K10, as well. So, I don't agree, but to each their own, I guess. :-)
I would probably send an email or PM to Brannan, rather than asking here. We don't know, but he may.  If it's from dropping it, probably not.  If it's some defect that appeared during normal usage, maybe?  But the only person to ask would be somebody at Noble. They're the only ones who can tell you for certain.
I don't think it took any time. They sound pretty much the same today as they did when I first got them: completely awesome.
I really prefer the custom fit, and it's definitely not a pain at all to get impressions for the custom fit (other than wait time for the custom build, which you'll currently have if you order the universals, due to the current backlog).   That being said, the universal shells are tiny.  It's the same shell for all of the universals, and they're quite small.  Going from memory, a bit smaller than the SE846, a bit bigger than the SE535, if that helps.  They definitely...
I know this is going back a few days in the thread, but I wanted to chime in that my K10s (serial number 11) have the Wizard signature on the left monitor, although it is on the shell portion at the edge of the faceplate and not on the faceplate itself.
 I don't think I'd need bigger ears.  Brannan can confirm that my ears and canals are, quote, "cavernous".  Should be plenty of room to add in another few drivers and crossover components. 
What I mean by fit and finish is that the overall production quality of my K10 beats out my V3. The V3 has a fingerprint and a few bubbles. My K10 is flawless. They both fit my ear based on the provided ear impression. I just mean that I would rate my V3 at a B+ on quality if design and finish, while I would rate my K10 at an A+. That being said, I think you should go with the 1964ears V3. They are still very good, it is just that Noble is simply superb at the finish and...
Having heard both (I own the V3, but have spent some time with the Noble 3C), I prefer the V3. Fit and finish will be superior on the 3C, if you get a Wizard Design (or reprint), but the V3 is a better value, and I prefer how it is tuned.I also own a Wizard K10, so I own products from both companies. The V3 is a better value.
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