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I am using it as both, although I use optical to get 24/96. The USB is limited to 16/48. It sounds good either way.
I own both. There is no comparison. The 846 is better, hands down.
That is awesome! I am glad it worked out well for you. It is a fantastic little device, and it is so versatile with the ability to switch out the op amps to satisfy your modding desires. It also sounds fantastic with the AD4627, which is the other set of op amps I use. The 8620, though, is a great setup and a fantastic pairing with the K10.
Not exactly Noble, but the Wizard did build the 8.A in my avatar pic.  Smoke shells, red/blue canals, and wood inlay. If I did it again, would have gone for clear canals, like I have on my Wizard K10.
At this range, you are paying a lot of additional money fore slight or marginal improvements. The K10 is probably better than the K3003, but it isn't going to be a huge night and day difference. You are paying a lot to squeeze the very best possible performance out of your IEM. Is it worth it? That is definitely up to you. FWIW, I haven't heard the K3003, so I can't honestly say what the differences are. I just know that I have read comparisons between the K3003 and...
You don't sound like a broken record to me. The UHA-6S.mkii is absolutely fantastic with the K10.  I use the low-gain mod (just ask Nick for it when ordering), and I have a huge usable range on the volume knob.  The fact that you can do op-amp rolling makes it super versatile.  I love the ADA4627 and the AD8620 op-amps. Seriously, you won't go wrong with the the Leckerton Audio DAC/amp.
No, but you didn't ask about the 846. :-) Only the 3, 4, and 5. The 846 is pretty much an improvement over the 535 in every single way. At twice price, though.
I own the complete lineup from 215 to 846. Of the ones you mentioned, the 535 is the most mid forward. In fact, the mids are the main reason people get the 535.
He definitely has a better taste than me. :-)
In the US, it totally IS NOT against the law (your mileage may vary depending on the region).  First sale doctrine in the US clearly means that after the first sale of an item, the seller has no business telling the buyer what they can or cannot do with the item.  The purchaser owns the item outright.  The media and software companies get around this by saying you are purchasing a license to use the content.  This doesn't hold water with physical items.   If I live in...
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