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Very, very tempted on the Savant.  Assuming you'll be back at RMAF this year, I'll give them a listen and if I like what I hear, looks like I'll be ordering a Prestige model.   Just a question: will the Prestige still have the Wizard signature?  I see that only the first batch of the universal will have it, but I assume that all Prestige models will, as well.
I should be there, barring any complications.   Can bring my Shure SE846, SE535.  Will bring my LCD2.1, and will bring my Leckerton Audio UHA-6S.mkii and CEntrance HiFiM8.  I'll also bring my Noble K10, but since those are customs people won't be able to try them.
I own both and listen to both of the quite regularly.  Feel free to PM with any specific questions.  I will just say in advance that the K10 is better, in my opinion, but they both are fantastic.
Good luck. I have the LCD2.1 and the 6S does struggle a bit to power them. It is definitely listenable, but it isn't as powerful as you may like.
The Hugo is my favorite pairing that I've ever heard with the K10.  It's simply breathtaking.  I don't own it, as I can't justify the asking price right now, but it is definitely fantastic.
In my opinion, the K10 + Chord Hugo combination cannot be beat.  It will well surpass the audio quality of your Galaxy Edge (and pretty much everything else).  You would really want to use it as a DAC / amp and send the digital signal from your phone / computer to the Hugo, and use that to power the K10. The AK120ii and AK240 are also spectacular, especially in balanced mode.  If you want a standalone unit, you won't go wrong with either of those two.  I would probably go...
I am using it as both, although I use optical to get 24/96. The USB is limited to 16/48. It sounds good either way.
I own both. There is no comparison. The 846 is better, hands down.
That is awesome! I am glad it worked out well for you. It is a fantastic little device, and it is so versatile with the ability to switch out the op amps to satisfy your modding desires. It also sounds fantastic with the AD4627, which is the other set of op amps I use. The 8620, though, is a great setup and a fantastic pairing with the K10.
Not exactly Noble, but the Wizard did build the 8.A in my avatar pic.  Smoke shells, red/blue canals, and wood inlay. If I did it again, would have gone for clear canals, like I have on my Wizard K10.
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