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Pink floyd - Animals (1977) Classic and great stuff!
I have been listening to the microstreamer with my Philips fidelio L1 for a couple of days now and i'm loving it! I have been playing flac files ripped with dbpoweramp and using Jriver as the player. The microstreamer is an excellent little dac/headphone amp and it makes me listen to song after song, album after album!
Harem scarem - Mood swings (1993) An excellent album from the Canadian band Harem scarem.
I really have to listen to myzic, it seems like a great little amp!
Michael Jackson - The collection (5 disc set, 2009) Oh yes!👍👍
I'm sorry to hear that but that is an important aspect. They should feel really good on your head (as they do on mine)
I got my Philips fidelio L1 today and i'm def keeping them! I have only been listening to them for about two hours and on my iPad so far but i really like the sound. Toto - Tambu, Lynard skynard - Twenty and Van halen - The very best of, sounds good, clean and warm. The L1 doesn't sound as good as my hifi/home cinema rig but i didn't expect that. My hifi rig is way, way more expensive than the L1 and i haven't been listening to the cans with the HRT microstreamer and flac...
Thank you very much, i will check the thread right away.I will def write my impressions when i get the dac. I just got a message that the L1 has arrived but still waiting on the microstreamer.
I just ordered the microstreamer. I hope that Philips Fidelio L1 and microstreamer will be a good combo for my flac ripped CD collection. Can't wait to listen to them!
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