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  Rush - 2112 (1976)   Still a masterpiece and one of the best albums I have in my collection!
  Toys in the attic   I just love walking around in old barns with my camera. When I climbed the ladder in this one I saw this in front of me. The light coming in from the left made the old bicycle look so nice. Photo taken in Jämtland - the northern parts of Sweden.
Me too. I'm interested in the Micromega Myzic, Ifi ican and JDS labs objective 2.
Steve Guttenberg at Cnet thinks so. Read his review;'m using the HRT microstreamer with my Fidelio L1 and i really like that combo. I'm thinking of getting a head amp too but i'm in no hurry as i really like my HRT.
Prince - The hits 1 & 2. Excellent stuff!
Genesis - Turn it on again; The hits (1999)
Ozzy Osbourne - Black rain (2007) I really like the sound, the production, many of the songs and Zakk Wylde's guitar playing on this album. Crank it up to eleven!😎
Joey Tempest - A place to call home (1995) The well produced and excellent sounding solo debut from Europe singer Joey Tempest, is still one of my favourite albums.
Airbourne - Runnin' wild (2007) Hell yes!!
Micromega Myzic comes in white and black. I really like the look and size of it.
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