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  The best of Mozart   Something for the soul.
  Frosty window   About a 10 minute walk from where I live is Hillefors grynkvarn (Hillefors grain mill) located.It was built in 1800.... something and it's a great place for photography. When I opened one of the doors this cold morning I saw this. The frosty old window and the rusty barrel looked beautiful in the morning light.
  You spin me round   This old turbine wheel is more than 2 meters tall and was a part of the old mill Hillefors in Stenkullen - Sweden. At first I tried to capture the size of it but after some thinking I went in close to show the lines, texture and dirt.
  Gino Vanelli - Black cars (1985)   I really like this album!
Thank you very much!
  AC/DC - Back In Black (1980)   AC/DC in their finest hour and not a bad song or filler on this album according to me.
  The sauna at the lake   This is my uncle's sauna at the lake in Jämtland - the northern parts of Sweden. To sit in there a beautiful summer evening like this drinking a cold beer and then jump into the lake is an amazing experience. Life at it's best!
  Autumn colours   Lake Aspen is one of my favourite places when it comes to photography. That's lake Aspen in Lerum- Sweden. I went for a walk along the lake this beautiful Autumn evening and shot several pics. Here is one of them.
Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words!
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