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  The sunset tree Photo taken one cold evening at lake Aspen in Lerum - Sweden.
The path
Thank you very much!
  Under the skateboard   I wanted to shoot my son's old skateboard and be a little creative doing it. I placed it on our local track and field stadium and lay flat on my stomach for this perspective.
  It's a big big world.
  Natalie Imbruglia - Left of the middle (1997)   Me like!
Beautiful pics!
  In the summertime   I had to lay flat on my stomach for this one. The daisies looked so nice and I wanted to include the old fence in the background. Photo taken one beautiful day in my aunt's garden in the northern parts of Sweden.
Thank you very much!
  Dancing in the moonlight   Photo taken in the northern parts of Sweden - Jämtland, during our recent vacation.
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