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How much would you be looking at for shipping to EU?
  Get onto them on skype.  I was chatting to them earlier today, they know about the overlap between the notification list and product buying request, are working on a new site which addresses the issue. They said that 2-4 weeks was standard waiting time, but it varies with the model you request.  Seemed really nice, got fast comprehensive answers.
The website is super confusing... You can ask to be put on a waiting list and be contacted when they're ready to take orders if you aren't logged in, but once you do you just request them to enable the shop or something and then you can order normally? Cheers though!
I'm seriously considering a pair of these now, does anyone know the average time on the waiting list at the moment or when they'll go back to taking orders?
I'm looking to step up my IEM game from my current SE215s which I find a tad too bassy and a tad uncomfortable for long periods with the foam tips.    I also have DT770s and HD598s for home use, though the IEMs could feasibly end up making one of those obsolete, which might warrant increasing the budget slightly.   I'm currently looking at universals like the Heir 4ais or SE535 as well as customs that would be relatively easy to get a hold of in Ireland. (Currently...
I'm coming from SE215s, which I find a tad bass heavy (though I also have DT770s and HD598s), would one of the three driver models (BA or Hybrid) be a significant improvement over what I have or would I need to go further up?   Essentially, the reason for getting a new pair is that I find foam tips relatively uncomfortable for long periods and the silicone tips both don't provide a good enough seal and leak a tad much for me, in addition to them being a tad bass heavy,...
Considering picking up a pair of these as my first CIEM. I'm new to CIEMs in general and was wondering to what extent do the vented bass drivers leak sound?
JH16 or UM Merlin? 
When are you heading off?    I'm looking to get into more high-end IEMs (currently using SE215s) and will have a bit of extra cash next week. I was initially looking at picking some mid-range customs, but I could be persuaded to pick up something like the 4ai in the mean time.
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