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I prefer the rugged look of the M50X's more than I do with the minimal design on the M70X's.    As long if they sound good enough for an upgrade from my M50S then I guess why not get a pair!
Anyone know of a confirmed price? I am quite interested by these.
Bump. Any suggestions?
Bump. Any recommendations that can point me to an IEM would be nice.
Sorry for going off-topic but I would like to know which IEMs are you jamming with your playlist of Japanese music?   I'm currently looking for some universal IEMs.   Thanks and sorry again!
I'll start off with my preferred sound signature. -Slightly warm, but with enough mids and treble to keep the music alive, otherwise fairly balanced -As a sound reference, I'm loving the sound of my Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 -Vocals similar to ESW9 but without the male vocals sounding a little nasal -I'm terribly sensitive to sibilance but a little should be fine -I would like a decent soundstage (or at least a bit more spacious than the Etymotic HF5) -Speaking of which, I...
I was thinking of getting a pair as they are marked down by a lot now. Can you elaborate more on the sound and say what you like and don't like about it? I am a bit interested.
Thanks for the input and the links for the graphs!
Bump. This post didn't seem to show up while I checking my subscriptions for some reason.
Thanks for the input! I would also like it if anyone has any thoughts or has tried them.
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