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Specs don't really define an upgrade from what I see. Not saying that they always don't, but I always have to hear them in person to actually determine for myself whether or not I could consider them an upgrade.  Even if it is just an update, I'm glad because they look like they will be detachable cables. I'm a very simple minded and cheap person so I probably won't even consider them as an upgrade haha.  Kind of like how I went from the CKR10 to the JH Audio Rosie; I...
Picked up 3 pairs of the Red Monk Plus. A shame some people in the Massdrop discussion are really uhh.. judgmental.    Also Lee, just wondering and I mean no disrespect to your newer versions of earbuds but do you so happen to have older versions of your earbuds like the Zen 1.0? I think I might be the only one when I say this, but I liked the livelier tuning of the first Zen. 
WOAH. Monk Plus on Massdrop? IN RED? I'm buying myself a couple.   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/venture-electronics-monk-plus-earbud
Audio46.com has a $100 coupon for 4 Beyerdynamic headphones.    Coupon Code: 46memorialday   - T1 2nd Gen ($999 with coupon) http://audio46.com/shop/beyerdynamic-t-1-second-generation-tesla-audiophile-stereo-headphones/ -DT990 250 Ohm ($199 with coupon) http://audio46.com/shop/beyerdynamic-dt990-250%CF%89-ear-premiun-stereo-headphones/ -DT 1770 Pro ($499 with coupon) http://audio46.com/shop/beyerdynamic-dt-1770-pro/ -MMX 300 ($249 with...
I remember with a brief demo of the Mixr's and the Solo 2's that I liked the Solo 2's more though not by much.    And yes, the Mixr's were pretty uncomfortable for me.   I didn't really like either, as I thought vocals sounding way too distant and recessed for my liking and the bass was way too much even with the newer variations.   Not to say that you shouldn't buy them though, but as for the Solo 2's or the Mixr's I would go for the Solo 2's.
I just installed it, but unfortunately I don't have my phone rooted yet to use it. From which audio company?
I use a Sony Xperia Z3V with PowerAMP as the app. I equalize 8kHz down a little bit on the Rosie as I find that area to be quite too much for me. Cymbals start to ringing and vocals start being sibilant. Probably because I listen to somewhat "poor" recordings. Still with 320kbps mp3's and FLAC files though. I haven't tried the Shure SE846 yet so I can't say. I got the Rosie used for 650 USD sold by HiDefLifestyle on Amazon and that was with a gift card that I had used....
Well I like the Rosie quite a bit more than the CKR10. I like how more wide and how the Rosie has a lot more treble presence than the CKR10. The vocals are a lot clearer and natural on the Rosie as well. As for bass, I prefer the CKR10 as it just sounds huge and much more involving. I never really liked BA IEM bass.  Is it worth the upgrade? Not really, mostly because I'm extremely cheap and broke. Otherwise, I don't really use my CKR10's that much anymore which is saying...
Yeah, I didn't quite like the opening that much either. I liked the ending a lot more. Loved the instrumentals and of course Aimer is just awesome.
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