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Selling my AD2000X. I love them, but I'll have to revisit them at a later time.   Comes with original box, paperwork,  and the headphones.   Note: A part of the cable has some creases. Nothing major as it doesn't affect audio output. Just a cosmetic thing.   Shipping and PayPal fees are included in the US.   Comes from a smoke-less, pet-less, and kid-free environment.   Pics to come.
Tyll from Innerfidelity just review the A2000Z today. He has measurements posted as well. Link to it here:
Price Drop!
Price drop!
Since I'm too broke/cheap to get my T1's recabled, I got the next best thing. Cable sleeves!
Sure, no problem! I found some new songs as well!
Sorry for the very late impressions, but here they are. TL;DR: T1 vs AD2000X? Different presentations; T1’s more versatile, AD2000X’s not so much, AD2000X’s are excellent with vocals; YMMV so take my quick impressions with a grain of salt. First off, my biases/factors that may or may not affect my results: I tend to lean towards brighter headphones I love vocals and headphones that convey them without being too distant, congested, or shouty I hate sibilance (and for...
I think I remember seeing a pair without the metal cups. It's been a while so I'm not completely sure. You could probably contact Grado and ask whether or not they had produced them at one point with those cups.
The character? Shibuya Rin from The Idolm@ster.
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