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Did anyone give their impressions on the UM PRO 10 yet? I got them but I have no idea how I would describe it except that it is mid focused and detailed but I would like to be linked to some impressions on them if there are any.   Also, I got them for about 110 USD + tax at a Guitar Center which I thought it was a steal which hopefully it was (as I see it go for 149.99 USD on Amazon).
Going to add a few songs here..   nano - Just Be Friends   nano - Hysteri   nano - Magenta    nano - Gallow Bells   nano - Omoide Kakera    nano - Dive in Your Eyes   nano - Nevereverland   nano - No Pain No Game   THEATRE BROOK - Uragiri no Yuuyake    Kourin - Ai****eru (EDIT: <-- I like how they censored out "s.h.i.t." in Ais.h.i.t.eru..)   Kirari - Last Piece   Okuda Miwaku - Shizuku   Mushishi Tokubetsu-hen: Hihamu Kage's ED Song (Amazing song...
How do these compare to the Etymotic HF5 if you've tried them?   Also, thanks for the nice review!
I have been looking at the MayFlowers O2 Combo and the JDS Labs O2 Combo. Do you know if there's a difference between the two? There's about a 40 dollar difference.
Oh my goodness, this is REALLY near me. What do you do at a meet though? I mean I am more than likely not going to make it and I don't have anything interesting but I would like to know.
Hmm taking wild guesses here.   60.3 lbs 107.6 lbs 157.8 lbs
My impressions so far..   NOTE: I am your average music enthusiast so I won't be able to really give an in depth of the sound all that much.   Build Quality Very solid and doesn't really move when you shake your head. Headband also feels solid and very durable as long if you're not abusing them. The rotating ear cups are a bit iffy on my part though. I usually wear headphones with one ear open so I will be using that feature a lot and it seems like it could snap off...
Sure, but I already have the HP200 coming in.
 Do you know where you could find replacement cables for the Sound Magic HP 100? I am getting the HP 200 but I'm assuming it works as well though I'm probably wrong. I would also love links.
Alright, I think I've made my decision and I'm going with the SoundMAGIC. I'm gonna need to wear them for quite a while so I don't think the AKG really get me there. So thank you to grayfox157 and Garrarty for the help!
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