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Someone in my campus with the AKG K52.
 I don't know whether those headphones are good for gaming and/or mixing (as I don't do much or any of those), but for listening the HD600 and HD650 are very solid. I haven't tried the HD598, but I think you should look at the HD600 and HD650 if you really want a step up. I would recommend getting a used pair of HD600 and a used Schiit Magni for starting up, if you don't mind used gear of course. You could also get the HD650, but I don't think you find them at a lower...
 You might not be getting a proper seal with the eartips. I would recommend trying all of the eartips and if possible, try other eartips to see if that helps. Otherwise, it might be a bad unit (which I think is more unlikely). I haven't tried the XBA 40's, but I did consider them at one point and looked into them. I got the general idea that they should be warm sounding with a thick bass region. 
 Wow, that's a great price for the SR-207 and SRM-212!  Thanks for the information and clarifications! It's good to know now than later haha. Also, does temperature play a role in longevity of electrostatic headphones or is it only just the humidity and dust? I live in an area where it gets really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter.
Do you know if a receiver or a vintage receiver like the Sansui 881 will work with the energizer?  Do you recommend a proper electrostatic amp for proper electrostatic headphones, or would an electrostatic amp work with an electret as well? I was thinking of treading the waters with cheaper Stax electrets just to see see what's up with them. I'm looking at a Stax SR-40 system and it has an SRD-4 energizer with no RCA inputs. Do you think it might be worth looking into a...
 I don't see any Stax amps with RCA inputs which is why I'm confused. I'm seeing these:   
I don't have any Stax headphones or energizers yet, but I plan to someday.   So if I have a ifi iDSD Nano as my DAC from my PC, is there a way to have the audio signal go through to a Stax energizer?    I know nothing outside of RCA, 1/4", and the more common connections, so please do fill me in on how it works.
So there isn't any portable amp/dac with the 2.5mm TRRS output? I love the UI on the PowerAMP app on Android that I've been using for like 4 years on my phones. No idea if that really gets the full potential or I would have to get a Neutron app or something.
What sort of balanced termination is the extra cable that comes with them? I'm thinking of getting a portable amp/dac with a balanced output in the near future.   I have no experience with balanced headphones/IEMs so is the difference that significant, or is it hyperbole?
Hello,Sorry but I'm firm on the K701's. Thanks for asking though!
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