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Shortly after I started lurking here:  HD600.
Not sure if you meant my phones or not.  But if so, thanks!   While I listen to the HD600s the most because they seem to work well with all of source and amp configurations, the Lamba, DT48 and Sextett pairs are probably the most fun to play around with.
Wow.  Quite a variety of opinions on some of these headphones!     As for my own collection, I think it's best to rank them by how frequently they get used.  Obviously, this isn't perfect, but then what is?    Senn HD 600 Senn HD 800 Beyer DT-48 (circa 1960) Stax SR-Lambda AKG 702 AKG Sextett Yamaha YH-100   I've been debating buying one really high-end set of cans, but I'm not quite convinced I would get much more out of them.  Given my system,...
Wow!  There are some really drool-worthy pieces in this thread.  In my own modest set up, I have a Marantz 2270 and a Meridian 506 worked in, as well as a few older tube amps.   I'd love to replace more pieces with great vintage gear, if time and money allow....   Cheers!   Frank
I just wanted to make a first post and introduce myself.  Over the years I've muddled along, trying out various equipment and gear combos. It hasn't always been successful, but I've learned a lot and had fun experimenting.  Sometimes I wish I'd found forums like these 20 years ago; other times I think that would have sent me to the poor house.  Some of the set-ups I've seen here are incredible....     Anyway, I've finally settled into a permanent home in Maine and am...
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