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I ended up contacting audio technica and as it turns out they said they would fix it for freeyou just have to fill out the repair form and send them inI sent them in for repair yesterdayI think I will end up having to pay return shipping but I will let you all know how it turns out
were you able to fix them, if so how did you get the earcup off without permanently damaging them.My right earcup is loose too and I want to fix them but when trying to follow your advice it seems like if I applied to much force I would break them.  
I have both and I must say you got extremely lucky.As to how the 55s compare to the 99s, the 99s are able to go much deeper and the all around sound quality is improved.That is not to say the 55s are a slouch to begin with.A couple other things I wanted to add, and this is purely my opinion, oddly it seems to me the 55's may be a bit louder tho the quality is always better with the 99s. I also feel where the 55s lack in the mids the 99s mids are right there in the front...
I use the fiio e17 with mine I tried just about all of the fiio except the e07 and e12 and the e17 is the best thus far
ah I mustve missed that thank you
I have yet to meet a happy skullcandy owner especially when it comes to those god awful crushers
hate to double post but does anyone have any recommendations for new ear pads for the ws99 these are to shallow
honesty I was a bit disappointed but after a bit of EQing  I see what these cans are designed for these are a nice set of headphones but I think I was looking for the pro700mk when i got these tho these are a pleasent surprise tho Im still looking... Def need to replace these ear pads tlike asap cause my ears actually touch the drivers which makes me keep messing and moving the phones around on my head another thing I noticed is the volume doesn't seem loud as...
I ended up joining headfi just to buy the ath-ws99 from a classified
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