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 Great review!     It looks like the GH1 sounds something between the RS1e and RS2e, like what Grado said.
 Cannot see any frequency response improvement of the 325e over 325/i in the graphs.  
+1  they also look better.
Flat Pads only available at TTVJ (ttvjaudio)
 They come with the S-cushions. They offer slightly improved separation and a wider soundstage over the sr80.
 The SR125e with the Flat Pads.
I would say the HP1000 (HP1/HP2). 
IMO, the RS1e isn't that much bad.  I have all three RS1/i/e, they are all sound great but the RS1e get more head time than others.
 +1  The RS2e has indeed 95% of the RS1i’s magic. 
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