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Where did you get this graph?
 I don't know how much bass quantity (HD800 has excellent bass quality, IMO) you're looking for but I don't think the GS1000 or HD700 work for you.  I suggest you to try Beyer T1 with a good tube amp (e.g. WA2), to me the T1 is the bridge between HD800 and HD650.
 Well, I don't have any comfort issues with L-cush, but I know it doesn't work for everyone. 
 I think it does.
IMO, the GH1 sounds more analytical and close to the Grado's professional series than the reference series.
I still prefer the RS1i for metal music over the GH1.
I should say the GH1 is the best sounding Grado that I’ve ever had.  In the beginning I preferred my RS1/RS1i but after a couple weeks of brain burn-in, I like the GH1 sound signature a bit more than the RS1/RS1i.
That means they can pull off all three. 
The RS1e also can pull off all three.
 Could you share a brief comparison between the GH1 w/G-cush and the PS1000? Which one has more bass, treble, ... ?
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