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Up for sale is gently used 5 feet brown French Silk Q Cables for Audeze LCD, balanced 4-pin end, with 4-pin XLR to single ended TRS adapter cable.   This cable also can be used for other headphones by adapters. Please visit the below link. http://www.q-audio.com/headphone-adapters   Price includes shipping to the US and PayPal fees.
Up for sale a well taken care of Audeze LCD-2 Bamboo Fazor (original version) with lambskin leather pads. Original owner, purchased from an authorized Audeze dealer, used less than 200 hours in a pets and smoke free home. Includes:-1/4” terminated stock headphone cable-1/4” to 3.5mm (1/8") adapter-Travel case-Wood care kit Buyer pays for PayPal fees and shipping. **Also have a French silk Q-Cables balanced with 4 pin XLR to single adaptor for sale, a significant upgrade...
Brand new, never used, Audeze Italian lambskin leather pads. includes USPS shipping (USA) and fees.
Where did you get this graph?
 I don't know how much bass quantity (HD800 has excellent bass quality, IMO) you're looking for but I don't think the GS1000 or HD700 work for you.  I suggest you to try Beyer T1 with a good tube amp (e.g. WA2), to me the T1 is the bridge between HD800 and HD650.
 Well, I don't have any comfort issues with L-cush, but I know it doesn't work for everyone. 
 I think it does.
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