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+1 I prefer to have both the HD700 and HD650. 
 It's a very beautiful Crack!
 That's why I'm not going to sell my Lyr, it’s my second Lyr though. 
I miss the fun aspect of the HD700.
 They are based on my taste and preference. 1. Mjolnir is very detailed, clean and natural vs. Crack+SB is very enjoyable and musical, also pretty clean. 2. Crack: Very musical and pretty warm vs. Valhalla is bright (not as bright as the SS amps) but pairs well with the HD6503. Lyr is warm, punchy, and dynamics 4. Vali does the job If you like the warm sounding amps, Woo WA3 is also a good choice, IMO.
 IMO: Mjolnir >= Crack + Speedball > Crack >= Valhalla > Lyr > Vali
 It looks the background hum is common on the RCA 6AS7G tubes.  I have two NOS RCA-6AS7G grey plates, they both have the faint background hum.
 That's because of the Modi. Change your DAC or try BH Crack without the Speedball.
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