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What is you source (PC, phone, or ...)?
 Congrats!  I have the RS80e and they sound great with FiiO E12, so I guess they also sound great with the E11. 
 Mine was the same, before burn-in. 
 Nice wallpaper! 
 IMO, $500 for a used RS1i isn't bad, if you're not going to use the G-cush pads for them.
 IMO, the RS1e w/G-cush has wider and deeper soundstage and more balanced in it's sound. the mids will be recessed, but it won't be an issue since the RS1e has a very forwarded mid, and you will have more RS1i like treble. Bass will be loss a bit on quantity but not in quality. You pay $45 but you will have a second pair of headphones, with different sound signature. 
 IMO, with the G-Cushion they sound better than the GS1000i, never heard the GS1000e though. 
I see, you're not kidding this time. 
 I've noticed that too, they even put the driver more close the ears than the L-cushs.  they are almost a comfortable version of the L-cushs. 
Interesting! My RS1i pads are older than the RS1e's, but I will swap them to see the difference. 
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