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IMO, the RS1e isn't that much bad.  I have all three RS1/i/e, they are all sound great but the RS1e get more head time than others.
 +1  The RS2e has indeed 95% of the RS1i’s magic. 
 Maybe the tan version is ~1mm deeper than mine, though this changes not related to the headband color and you can by a new RS1e from Grado with the black headband.  
the drivers are not leveled with the housing of the cups on my mine.
Here is mine
 mine is around 2mm.
 They exactly like my RS1e (with the black headband) that I bought six months ago.
 I guess it depends to the ears shape, the stock L-cush is much more comfortable for me than the Zonk L-cush.
 Unfortunately, the Zonk L-Cushs are very uncomfortable for me. 
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