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 IMO, the Q-Cable is not snake oil for the LCD-2. 
 You're also gonna buy a pair of the HD650. 
ALO Audio PanAm AMP/DAC (~$450) is also great for the HD700
 Another good solution. 
 IMO, yes. You can also upgrade the Bifrost by adding the Uber board in the future. 
 Sell the E17 and go for 400 bucks solution. 
^^ to answer to your question: IMO, the Bifrost/Vali combo would be better than the Modi/Lyr combo for the HD700. 
 You're not wrong, but it depends how much you're going to spend.   IMO, it's better to have a good amp (or a good DAC) and upgrade your DAC in the future than having a not very good amp/DAC combo.  
 So, you're not going to sell them? 
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