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 I sold the HD650s two times, and bought them three times.
 1. I like the Vali synergy with the HD6502. Modi is better than most of the onboard sound cards and having a good DAC is important to me. 
 Never tried the Valhalla 2, but the Valhalla was a great with pair the HD650; one of the best for bucks, IMO. 
 I'd go for "Vali + Modi". 
 I don't have any experience with the Key, but I guess it's much better than the MacBook's internal DAC. 
 Well said! 
 For the HD700, definitely, the Lyr is a better choice, IMO.  Cost wise, the Lyr is cheaper, don't forget you need a balanced DAC for the Mjolnir. 
In this case, I challenge you with the Dragonfly.
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