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I will check them, but I hope I can find them in other Europe country, cos here in Greece is very hard to find a store for HI-FI.   @reiserFS I already order the velour pads . 
So my HE-400 arived before 3 days, and I am impressed. That's my first pair of Cans, so I think my wallet will stay empty . I bought them from Amazon.de for 400 euro, but I'm sure they deserve every cent. And now it's coming the next step, I need a good amp for them, so can someone recommend me a good desktop amp for around 300 euro. I know that I can drive them with Fiio 17, but i want to spend my money for something what I will use in the future, not just for this cans.
I'm reading the forum since a long time, but I was not registered. My first was Brainwavez M2. But I was still not feeling ready to join the community. Yesterday since long time reading the forum I order Hifiman HE-400, so I think thats my real first headphone witch I buy after reading the forum.
New Posts  All Forums: