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I have a strange issue When I'm using my Senn HD600 I don't receive any humm, But when I connect my new NAD viso HP50 I receive an annoying humm in my right ear. Not audiable when playing music but very annoying during silence. It isn't affected by the volumeknob The HD600 has an impendace of 300ohm and the NAD has a impedance of 25 ohm. Could this cause this rather high pitched hum? And does somebody knows if it's caused by something in particular (already swapped...
If you want to listen to the alphadogs in the Netherlands you should go to Zoetermeer. Hifistudio79 has them reach to listen to. This is where i found out my amp was not sufficient for the MrSpeakers Alphadogs
I also had the same question. I have a Senn hd600. But the MrSpeakers Alpha Dog mentioned earlier needs a powerfull amp. My amp was not powerful enough (starving student amp), resulting in a very thin bass response.  I ended up with a Beyer Dynamic Custom One Pro. Cheaper and pretty similiar to the HD600. Although I don't like other open Beyer headphones, this closed one had been added to my inventory
Mine is working with a PCB version of the odac
Pretty new Aune T1 DAC. With a maximum 100 hours of use I changed t a better combo, and it's a waste to leave it unused.   Included: Original box and original 6922EH tube   Extra tubes: 1x e88cc miniwatt 1x Phillips pcc88 4x 6n23p voskhod
The most impotant thing in ethernet cables is the twisting. But there are also ftp (foiled)or stp (shielded) ethernet cables. They are for proffesional/industrial purposes (so are their switches) and they use the metal rj45 connectors with shielding. So it's not all BS
No, we need to make a direct connection to the source to eliminate any external distubance of the network..........damn... I googled it, that already exists: a record player, it uses some strange black platter.
They look cool though......pure for optics I would like them  I don't know if they exist already, audiophile network switches. Who's in? It's a Goldmine
I've bought the PCB version of the ODAC and installed it with a "starving student" hybrid tube amp. So I've "built" my own headphone dac/amp  . Connected to a Mele a2000 loaded with ubuntu (see:   And  I must say.....I'm convinced. Paried with a Senn hd600 it sounds wonderfull, detailed and not fatiguing I can imagine that the odac can sound harsh with a more analytical headphone. But with my senn's it's just right Hope I can enjoy...
I mean that you still need to wire the outside dc connector to the PCB  
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