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i see some traditional Chinese characters on the poster behind your monitor. you where are?
i couldnt do thag
i dont see those acerb criticisms against beats here in this forum though.
At first i couldn't hear the difference between sr80i's and my lowly senn hd202s while my source was pc (without DAC). After 2 months of burn in as well as i plugged it into my onkyo's 705 cd player it sounds much more decently for my dads jazz album...honestly it changes my inclination of music while my favorite genres before are rock and metal. now its more preferable for me listening to britpop, new ages and jazz.
for me all the grado models
sr80's. what i got before is senn hd202 and i couldn't find out the difference at the very first week.
well, the sound my feet hitting the pavement did reverberate in my ears when i try an IMEs while exercising and it fell off very often due to my sweat so i just take earbuds.
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