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maybe a used philips fidelio l1? 
this is a hell of a remastering.  fantastic job.  I love Miles, but I'm hoping for most of Django Reinhardts works to be properly redone.  without Django, the music industry would be very different and probably a far lesser thing entirely. would like to listen to the best guitarist to ever walk to the earth without that static and haze over every track.  
new lens, was able to snap the scuffs and have circled them with a before and after, note the light source makes them appear brighter than they really are to the eye, unless its held at the right angle you wont see the scuffs clearly. there is a ___ line right at the 3 o clock position in this photo but that is not a scuff, that is just the light source.      
here's a quote from Moon audio that doesn't inspire confidence at all in this headphone   *NEW* Ultrasone Edition 5 Limited Edition Headphones Limited to ONLY 555 sets released in the U.S.!!! All Sales FINAL due to the LIMITED nature of these headphones.   waving goodbye to the possibility of me buying this headphone,I hope it's really good though and that whoever takes the plunge ends up enjoying it, but my confidence level is very low. Time will tell I guess
So, that new EX version of S-logic better be incredible and make the sound stage sound like an HD800 in closed back form, otherwise this headphone will be an absolute rip off.  monster beats for audiophiles, when i saw the price tag i felt like doing this  
I disagree with all of this.   Go out and buy the best gear imaginable, sell your kidney if you have to.  Don't think just do it! Drink a Redbull and then buy an HD800 lol :P  if you dont impulse buy, you miss the journey, this hobby isnt for poor people sadly and those who aim before their shoot miss out on a world of experience and fun.  if you know what you want, thats great, but it took a few years of trial and error to even begin to know what sound i liked.  cant tell...
Ultrasone should change its name to Ultraexpensive
Ultrasone has lost their minds.  Let them fail as a company already if they insist on conning people so often.
JVC DX1000 Victor Bass  AKG K267 Mids and placement Hifiman HE-6 Highs Senn HE90 transparency HD800 dynamics and separation/sound staging width and height Stax 009 air and body to everything phiaton ms400 frame and fit style Ultrasone Edition 8 Metal materials for frame minus the squeaking  Smaller but still circumaural mrspeaker Alpha Pads with a Shure 1540 style and look Thinksound On1 Wood Cups Hifiman HE-500 thin white cable ( or wireless if I can truly have...
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