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 Wow, $109 for pads!
 Where can we buy these pads, and what sounds better compared to stock?
The back. Woox:http://cdn.head-fi.org/5/53/53a1448e_7qljEA2.jpeg Gibson:http://cdn.head-fi.org/f/fd/500x1000px-LL-fd70291c_24280326621_de67280377_c.jpeg
 Can't tell on the heapdhones, only the box.
 Same here.  I'm trying to figure out what sounds similar to X2 but has more forward mids.
I prefer the Tenore to Singolo because the Singolo is a single BA and lacks the dynamic bass that is required for pop music.  For other genres, people may like Singolo more.
 I did see a few people say that, but I also saw a lot who told me Duoza was an upgrade from Tenore.  I haven't tried it yet.
A lot of people like Doppio more than Tenore, but I haven't tried them.  There are a lot more, but here are some to...
 I have the same issue with this and Fidelio X2.  I'd like more involving mids and am still wondering whether Alpha, ZMF, SRH840, or HM5 pads will help with this.  I haven't received many responses, so I'm guessing that not many T50RP MK3 owners have changed pads, or there aren't many MK3 owners yet.
New Posts  All Forums: