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Since Tenore is my favorite IEM, I will definitely own the Duozas one day.  I will also try the Titan one day.  I'll buy both when they reach $50 shipped (maybe 1-2 years!)
My mids are not recessed.  Mine sound balanced with a little sub bass bump.  They sound natural and lifelike to me.  I think the timbre is pretty accurate.
Yes, please give us functionality to search posts only!
My Tenore are nowhere near basshead levels either.  I was just saying that they hit hard (thump), but that doesn't mean that the bass is overwhelming.  I think the balance across the spectrum and timbre are excellent.
How are they compared to M200 and KC06A? Also, I guess you like Titan more?
Please compare to KC06A and M200 :D
Our Tenores must be different, because my Tenores thump really hard.  Head pounding thump!
Basso has more bass than Tenore for sure.  For me, the Basso bass overwhelmed the rest of the spectrum.
 ?  Which one has to be worn cable down?
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