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What's the difference between this and HE-400I and HE-400S?
Someone posted this review on the flagship thread:   These sentences confirm what I'm hearing. which is probably why I eq'd that way.  Interesting.     "Honestly, if it were my money, I wouldn’t buy the X2 at any price because the midrange is just distant enough for me to not enjoy them.  The basic sound signature of the X2 is a V-shape. They have elevated bass and elevated treble with a slightly recessed midrange."
For those using Equalizer APO, care to share your settings?   I've been lowering the bass and increasing the mids to bring them more forward.
 Thanks for both reponses.  Yes, I have the X2 and listen mostly at home, so I think I'll pass on the ON2.
I'd like a compare of FX850 and A4 as well.
How do the On2 compare to the Fidelio X2?
I have the E18.  I was asking what exactly the using the pin to "reset" the E18 does, since I'm not aware that it stores any settings.
What exactly does resetting do?  Is anything stored on the FiiO E18?
Anyone using the FiiO E18 with the T90?  Would like to know how they sound.
I'm glad to have stumbled onto this thread.  I think the only Chinese can I've had is the Takstar Pro 80/Gemini HSR-1000, which was great for the price paid ($55).   My current favorite is the Fidelio X2.  Is there anything that competes or even bests it for $200 or less?
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