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For pop, I prefer Tenore over everything in my sig.
How do these compare to the Takstar Pro 80 aka Gemini HSR-1000?
I found them slightly bass light for my preferences, particularly sub bass thump.  Do you listen to pop and EDM?
Fidelio S2 sold.  Only the Zero Audio Carbo Singolo left.
 Got mine on 8/15.  Ordered on 7/31.
 Nope, need the cash :D
Price dropped again!
 Congrats on the Tenore!  If you like pop music, you'll love them. Singolo and Doppio are not new; they've been discussed in the Zero Audio thread for awhile.  I have the Singolo for sale. The newest Zero Audio is the Duoza.
Someone posted in the SHP9500 thread this: "This is the biggest minus point of the SHP-9500. Such a huge massive driver and no bass... I don't get it." Are they really that bass light?
I like the Meelectronics double flange in the original post.
New Posts  All Forums: