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GR07 was sibilant and didn't have the bass punch of the Tenore.  Tenore sounded more airy and 3D as well.
Hisoundfi, where does the ALI CKR9LTD rank in your profile?
So Ebay CKR9LTD is authentic, some ALI CKR9LTD are authentic, and some are fake?   If your CKR9LTD looks like LALALA's original, can you post a link to where you bought from?
Please compare to the real K3003 :D
I think the SQ is just as good or might be better, but I preferred the Tenore for pop due to the harder impacting bass.  I guess it's the difference between BA vs. dynamic driver. I think they're just as comfy as Tenore.
I sold my Singolos.  They are good, but the bass is not as impactful as the Tenore.
Any further thoughts?  Are they your new favorite?
I also have bought many IEMs as an "upgrade" to Tenore, but ended up selling them.  Perhaps one day I'll try the Duoza.   Tenore are much better than Piston V2 in my opinion.  The only thing V2 has on the Tenore is bass quantity.
 Thanks for this!  I've found that, being a musician, timbre is VERY important to me, which is why Tenore is my favorite.  I'd like to upgrade, but the timbre has to be the same or better than Tenore.  I'll cross CKR9LTD off the list :D
$55 for Ali CKR9LTD:   http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-Arriva-CKR9LTD-In-ear-Earbud-Sound-Isolating-Legendary-Performance-Headsets-With-Enhanced-Bass-Earphone/32476508201.html
New Posts  All Forums: