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Hey all,   Sorry if this has been asked before, but are there any skins for uLilith?  The only skins I've been able to find are Obsidian and Vintage Lilith.   Thanks!
Yeah, I'm not seeing any new changes either.
Do you know what has been updated/changed/etc?
I tried using the LAVSplitter, but it had the same problem.  Finally got it resolved thanks to Northern Verse again!!       Now playing m4a files work like a charm!!  Thanks for your help, Digiti!!
Update:   So now I'm able to actually add m4a files to my playlists, but they sound like the Chipmunks.  LOL!  But at least I'm getting somewhere.  The thing I was missing on how to be able to get uLilith to recognize the m4a was this (thanks to Northern Verse!!):     He also told me to download and install Haali Media Splitter and ffdshow, but since I already had those installed, I skipped those.
Hmm... I already have the LAV splitter installed.  It is part of CCCpack.  I've emailed Northern Verse as well, but so far nothing is working.  lol  
Do I have to manually add the filter to the plugins folder or something?
What I've done, is open the playlist, and either dragged over a m4a file or chose "Add".  I can see the file(s) when I choose "all files", but it doesn't actually add the file(s) to the playlist.  Are you able to play m4a files?
  Ughh... I'm sorry, I meant m4a not mp4. I checked the file operations menu, and m4a is listed there, but it still will not add m4a files to a playlist. And I have the CCC Pack installed. Is that good enuff, or do I have to specifically install the K-Lite codec pack?   And I got a i7 processor. Which uLilith should I be using?   Thanks again for all your help!!
Thanks so much!! But what is the difference between the x64 and x64Core2? And can you tell me if I can get mp4 files to play in uLilith!
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