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      Mine, TV7 - D/U  Fast and reliable. 
No info and no link for product ? 
I also put my money in 3 models from the first starting campaign about more than a years ago and until now, they seemed to be one the sea or elsewhere :))
I have never listened to any crack otl but I've been living with 6080 for years, tried all 6080 of all versions and countries and found that the best was 6h13c from old Soviet Union. They do not magic, they do not make colorations, they do sound fine and natural.
 In Vietnam i have around 100 pcs of nos 6h8c mel-z :D 
I've got 6 pairs of nos/nib e288cc ( telefunken and siemens ) from my dad. Is it safe to put them in Mjolnir 2 ? 
I've tried many 6SN7s and i was over suprised by the sound of these Russian tubbies. In short, they're like Cognac, strong, impressive, addictive, sweet in the low-mid while carry an airy top-end. Bass is full-bodied, strong and melodious. 
    I have some nice pairs of 6h8c Mel-z from Soviet Union, which is one the the best kind of 6sn7 i've ever tried :D 
I've been to Munkong Audio in Bangkok and I hope to try this fabulous headphones, but poor me :( 
1) 100.999 2) 100.560 3) 100.001
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