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Hi Aaron !  This is a very nice review. This is 1st time i've ever heard about these technology. Does it mean that the air coming directly into the tube and then, will result in better soundstage and imagination?  I'm wondering how it sounds to my ears.  Btw , we have some new stuffs arrived, wanna party ? :D 
what is fazor ? Is it a piece of metal that stands infront of the diaphram ? Or is it a plate of magnet that improves, enhances the magnetic flux generated by the magnet arrays ? 
GF is the greatest , get it for her. She likes it and she'll use, not you ! Why have to hesitate ? :D 
pm sent !!!!
Could you please explain me what is the fazor technology ? I'm really curious about that one, is that a plate that embed to the magnet arrays or something else ? And how it could help to improve the sound quality ? 
so... is there any policy for returning the old version of WA7 + some money to get WA7D ? I still have 3 WA7s in stock right now. 
So... is it a pure DAC or a DAC/amp ? If a pure DAC, I'll buy with no hesitation. 
wating for the april to come with he560 ... below 1k$ , worth a try ! 
no, absolutely. Crossfeed is a different way to blend to sound between left and right. But here is a signal compensation stage. That means it make your headphones sound clearer, wider and more dynamic. 
Could you pls verify ? You said that you didnt hear anything different with the switch to bypass. I'm understand your idea as Reveel just made enhancements to soundstage, imaging and body to instruments , no boosting at bass mid treb ,right ? I think the amp section on this little device is not really necessary. I just love how it has done with my set-up above. 
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