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Another "incoherent" post for those interested in threading the long line:  
  Deja-vu all over again...
   Thanks for your contributions!!!!!I like the way you guys (girls  ???) think!!!
   For those who like such things.
 Broad brush indeed. Are you sure?I am not. Also, despite many others opinions here, I think the harpsichord is a wonderful instrument.Beethoven may have complained about pianos but imagining our taste in instrumentation would have been what the great masters would have preferred is nonsense IMO. YMMV.
  This guy clearly needs to calm down IMO.
 Japan, Korea, Uk whatever..... 
 Because it`s not culturally relevant at this point in time. Lots of kids making music on their computer though. Clearly much superior music based on your implications,,,,
 Chemistry is your FRIEND. Or maybe not.
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