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 Well, Be forewarned, many people find it far less interesting than I do.
Laugh if you will.  Cage pointed out quite well IMO, the irrelevance of much music being written(and performed).His book "silence" remains one of my favorite books of all time. A good "performance" of this score (  ) can be realized by anyone, anywhere at most any time .All you need to do is get yourself out of the way, pay attention to the present and find the "music" in the situation.I realize this may sound silly but Cage really believed in this sort of thing.As do I.
 Was. A long time ago.
 Ok so.... A "thesis" (as I'm sure you know) is generally produced to obtain an academic degree.Most often a bachelor's or master's Degree. It is no small component to this end either.Therefore, I can only be confused as to why you would get a degree where an important component is a piece of music that "is not your cup of tea". And what degree (musicology/conducting etc....) did you obtain would make a thesis of Brahms 4th a requirement? Just curious ....
 I see.
 Incidentally, for any of you cerebral guys who don"t go for this sort of sound,If you see the score, everything in detail, of what they're playing  is minutely written out for this piece. Something to appreciate   !!
I too am fond of Lachenamann.Also fine guitar music!
Xenakis too was keen on Brahms music.
I see Brahms gets a lukewarm treatment still .   For those of you who like Brahms (like I do); or maybe you like fine string quartet playing( here provided by the wonderful Janáček quartet.),   this is an exceptional recording if you come across it.I have it on reel to reel transfer (!) of the records from the 60s. ​I know there are later recordings of Brahms by this group but I don't know if they are the same as these exceptional recordings.  
 Please elaborate....
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