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 Why change something "you are very much in love with" and "never thought of modding" simply because someone you don`t know on the internet did it? 
Anybody here ever replace the headphone slider assembly using this kit:   http://north-america.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/spare-parts/schieber-set-dt-1350.html   ?   Just wondering if there are directions included with the kit and if it's easy/difficult etc....   Thanks!
   Music before audio!
  This disk is a mix of various bits and pieces from the Supraphon catalogue.I encourage you to investigate the complete recordings that are previewed here. Supraphon recordings are typically very expensive but often truly amazing.
  I concur!!!!! 
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNCw7ngNLf4 Other than that, Bach always enjoyed the viola too as it put him in the middle(no joke).  Like, sonically.   Hindemith was inconsequential to his role model IMO.(yet his music has always been popular in this thread).Almost never is it referenced. For examplelessness....... 
  Sorry... http://www.nytimes.com/1989/04/25/arts/karajan-leaves-berlin-philharmonic.html?pagewanted=all
 Yeah, that Karajan was such a hack  )  (... It's amazing the Berlin Phil. was able to endure the lean years of his tenure. 
  Best recording I`ve ever heard of Dvorak`s 7th. Not available in the uSa so YMMV.
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