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  Despite my rather cold feeling's regarding most of Messiaen's music this recording is an exception. I personally believe this piece is his most effective and this performance stands out is in it's excellence. In the proper mood I find it a most transporting experience.
 Based on reading your posts extensively, I would have thought the music came first.Am I misinterpreting? 
OF COURSE: If you buy #$#$$$@@ cable it will be the most magical thing EVER!!
OR... It wasn't plugged in correctly in the first place....
 Well: Arguably or not,The expression on  his face says more than we may speculate....
 Recently I've been working my way through the Wand Bruckner with NDR(with Japanese single malts ).
 If you love this piece you really need to track down the recording of Anton Webern conducting with Louis Krasner.It is incomparable IMO.Due to it's vintage it's sonics are obviously dated.No-one understood Bergs music as Webern did. 
 I feel these are best with acoustic AND electric instruments.Very nice and natural sounding with acoustic music.
 Ok. I won't argue with you.This isn't the sound science thread. Enjoy.
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