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  Best recording I`ve ever heard of Dvorak`s 7th. Not available in the uSa so YMMV.
 Zen of course is not "magic". But Ms. Haskell`s Mozart is right fine.And Weissenenberg`s Chopin is exceptional. Do you agree? OR... maybe this thread will maybe follow the short thread......
 "Magic" is your "cigar" not mine.
To those who may be new to this thread I am trying to follow things stated to those that may be unstated. Other than that YMMV.   For me, it`s useful to actually use the words stated before those that may be useful to  your whatever.....
Who said "Zen" was magic?? Awfully "vague" if not irrelevant.
What did he sell other than concert tickets?
 Cel didn`t make recordings, some other entity did.Judge accordingly.
All kidding aside, Celibidache clearly stated that he didn`t want to be recorded and believed that what he was doing should be seen in the context in which he intended it to be regarded. I think we should respect this and not listen to the recordings. After all, who is profiting from them and what is their intent?   I can`t help but think of this parallel: If a video of me ( a crumply old man ) and my wife (who will go undescribed  ) "making it" were posted on this...
New Posts  All Forums: