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The best thing (IMO) about a thread, is it exists in the fabric of a bigger whole.Perhaps obscured but fundamental to it's existence.Often unseen or recognized even. EDIT:  
 Go Borodin.
 I thought you quit this thread .Something about Bach and Beethoven you said.....
 Regarding spectra (at the very least);Bugs Bunny is the equalizer. 
 Although his point is clear, his list is incomplete.
 My favorite. EDIT: After this, listen to their Bartok set.
 I'm not sure I even know me and new recordings  ....
I'm familiar only with VSO and NP not the last one with Schwarzkopf.The last one looks amazing at face value though....Need to go there soon  !
 Solti's Missa Solemnis is on Decca if I recall properly.
A lot worse ways to change your life in my opinion!
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