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  Szell`s Beethoven symphonies are amazing. I`d be curious to hear your impressions on the SACD version of them. I grew up with the LP and then later got the Sony cds.
  Those are all very fine and very different sets.
 The Karajan late symphonies Mozart double disk set is right fine.The Mariner set is right fine too IMO. Get the Böhm complete set.
  Pokemonn lives!! Have an amp that I like so mission already 1/2 accomplished! 
  Yes. Enjoy. In the words of Mr.T: "Don`t be a fool, stay in school" Or something like that. 
Confession time:   The HD 600 is the only headphone I regret selling.  
Any fans her of Lee Soon-in ?   https://www.schillerinstitute.org/fid_97-01/972_ksw_korea_music.html
  Imagine what you want but here is the truth!!!
  I never said any such thing!! I love SONY walkmans!! Karajan`s late Mozart symphonies are great IMO.
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