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Ari(nikongod) sold me his Headphile Koa Grado 580 cans and the transaction was GREAT! He Shipped them on Saturday and I was listening to them on the following Monday! He was great to deal with and I would deal with him any time! Thanks !
Hey Guys, I have the 1st pair. I need to post some pics, as I also have some Cocobolo HHF-1's that are stunning! Larry does FANTASTIC work! They both look and sound AMAZING! Mine seem to be a little deeper than the second pair that have been posted...?? Larry, if you see this, would you please post a pic of the pair that you made for me? Thanks!
WA 6 and 325i is sounding great w/ jazz as I type this... My office rig that I just finnished a few days ago is a NAD C 525BEE- Woo Audio WA6- I've been listening to eather a HHF-1 or 325i and it sounds realy good... If I were you, I would go for a WA6 and a RS-1/MS Pro or 325i/MS-2i... then, keep an eye out for a NAD on sale... WA-6 $600+shipping 325i $300 Total $ 900
I bought a Headphile Bubinga double stand from Bill. Comunication was great and he shipped out next day. A recommended Head-Fier! Thanks again Bill!
The VHP-1 w/ VAC-1 is a GREAT sounding amp with the HD650's. I have had mine for over a year now, and love it with Jazz, World music,and Rock. I have a Cardas cable on my 650's. Open, Full, Detailed, and VERY Musical! The anp may be on the bright side with the 880's after a few songs, although I have never listened to the880's, I do own a paid of 325i's which sound very detailed on the VHP-1 combo, but which I listen to mostly with my PPX3 Slam to take the edge...
Thanks! Yah, the PPX3 is not going anywhere! And I guess if I go forward with the Woo, I can do a comparitive review!
I have a PPX3 Slam in my home rig and I love it, but I am looking at putting a tube amp in my office and was looking at giving the Woo a try. Cans would be anything from DartBeyers, HHF-1, 325i,RS-1,and HD650 w Cardas cable... Music- Jazz,Jazz, world, Rock ,and some blues... Thanks!
Has anyone listened to a HF-1, 325i, or RS-1 with the WA6?
I know that many people have issues with the treble on these cans, but I am here to tell you that with these cans, ihave found out that it is all about finding the right amp... The VHP-1 sounds great, but I can only listen for a little while before I notice the treble. But with the PPX3 Slam...WOW I drift into the music for hours!
Bought HHF-1 Cocobolo woodies from Paul Communication was good and he shipped them FAST! Paul is a great HeadFi-er and I would do business with him anytime! Thanks Paul
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