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 Really sorry to hear that, I won't be buying anything from them.
 Damn! I hope you resolve it quickly, I was getting all excited about this deal.
 Thanks! I was reading about the LG G5's audio accessory, apparently it can be used with other sources via a usb cable, but better not mess around and just save for a zx1. The z1060's sound is great, with FLAC, xba-4 (very flat, huge stage, amazing for electronic music, doesn't sound like much with any other source), ath-ckr10 (great bass, very detailed, a crowd pleaser) and the classic ath-M50. It's stuck at android 4.0 so installing any apps make it unusable. Got it for...
 Thank you, very interesting and useful! The zx2 seems very nice but is way out of my price range, I hope one day to complement my nwz-z1060 with a zx1 or a zx100.
 My CKR10 sound great even with a macbook pro, even better with an old nwz-z1060... So it might be a question of the source, and fit in your ear?
 Maybe reset to factory settings?
 Thanks, very useful!
I can only attest for my XBA-4, which I've had for something like three years; still working fine.
True! Although it doesn't seem to appear in their long term plans, so the separation might just be the first step towards divestment...
After having sworn off Sony when my barely used minidisc died, they won me back over with their sound quality. Now it seems Sony will be spinning off " the division behind the walkman". How does a company sell an icon? I was looking forward to my 5th walkman, an A10 series, but the ZX1 and ZX2 suddenly look less appealing (support, firmware updates, future versions).
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