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I can only attest for my XBA-4, which I've had for something like three years; still working fine.
True! Although it doesn't seem to appear in their long term plans, so the separation might just be the first step towards divestment...
After having sworn off Sony when my barely used minidisc died, they won me back over with their sound quality. Now it seems Sony will be spinning off " the division behind the walkman". How does a company sell an icon? I was looking forward to my 5th walkman, an A10 series, but the ZX1 and ZX2 suddenly look less appealing (support, firmware updates, future versions).
 I haven't listened to the e18 but the xba-4 is extremely picky, it does sound great with a z1060 walkman so it probably pairs nicely with the newer f805, f885 or the A10 series.
Just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this thread and the OP in particular, I finally got my CKR10 after a lot of uncertainty (Japan to LA with no warranty, LA to Mexico City brought by a friend of a friend's mom...), they're sounding really nice off the bat although I'll keep my ears peeled for any burn in improvements. They sound exactly like the complement to my XBA-4 which I was looking for: different signature, thicker detailed bass, even if the soundstage...
When you hang on to one you can't even load with music! NW-E507 + OS X.
Thanks! It does seem very nice.
 Great review! I'm happy with my z1060 but tempted to take my xba-4 into a store and try this new walkman. I'm also thinking of getting the ath-ckr10, any one tried them wit the NWZ-A17 line?
 I'm in a very similar boat, z1060, xba-4 (so balanced armature) which I really enjoy but would like to complement with a great but different sound signature, and $250 budget... CKR9 sounds really nice, CKR10 sounds even (slightly) better, although by "sound" I mean from what I've read, I have no way of auditioning these. They went up in price slightly on amazon.com, but what's holding me back is the lack of international warranty, given that at least on these threads a...
New Posts  All Forums: