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 Cool! Get her an audioquest dragonfly red so you see "girlfriend with mind blown"; went for a meridian explorer myself, but it's not mobile phone friendly. 
 I think that might be only for version 2?
Meze 99 + Meridian Explorer = 
In case anyone else runs into something similar, my explorer gets along fine with my left side USB, go figure.
Just got my Meridian Explorer version 1, first off I wanted to thank everyone in this thread as it had a lot of useful info and the sound is everything I expected. Unfortunately it's day one and I already have a problem, sometimes it's not recognized and other times it cuts out and disappears from the sound panel, this is with a 13" 2014 retina macbook pro with Sierra; when it's not recognized I can see the red light of optical output but the three white lights are off. It...
 Very nice, "even" streaming from the BBC's iPlayer.
 Perfect mids, no sibilance on my silver 99s... Might want to check your source, although mine sound very nice from almost anything, awesome from better sources. e.g, Primal Scream flac + nwz-z0160 + Meze 99 = bliss.
Cool, enjoy! I think the NW-a25 walkman also has "S-Master HX", I wonder how they compare.
I am ashamed to say I have four... Ashamed because I am very utilitarian, I buy things to use them, not to oggle at them. I had a Sony minidisc which worked for about 2 months... Swore off Sony until years later I came across a sexy NW-E507... Nice sound, awesome looks... Moved to Macs, with which that player doesn't work... Replaced it with an A818, great player... Came across a very cheap new in a battered box A845, very nice too... Came across an NWZ-Z1060 new at half...
 Agreed, online posts can be very useful, but they can only point the way. @ apaar123: I can only say my progression: With a decent source (320 kbps MP3 minimum, mostly Flac), with a decent player (Sony NWZ-Z1060, good for audio, crap for anything else even if it's an android player) I could hear an improvement from run of the mill headphones, first with ATH-M50 (awesome with an amp, they press my head like a vise), XBA-4 (very picky headphones, won't sound good with just...
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