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Very cool H20Fidelity! In other news, downloading update 2.04... I'm really impressed they keep on updating the Z, in spite of the battery nonsense. Very welcome, very unexpected.
 The UI works, although the device seems underpowered in terms of RAM and processor... As long as I keep it as a music player and don't install too many android apps, it's fine... Lame, but the sound quality is at least to me very much worth it. The entire device is touch screen, don't know how you'd go about without it... You can create a playlist while playing a song by pressing the options menu and selecting add to playlist, you can then add to an existing playlist or...
Did you miss the NWZ-A10 announcement? Much cheaper than the nwz-zx1 but "high rez", with micro SD, small... And apparently you can buy it today...
 Thanks, yes it's a shame, returning them for the warranty would be a huge hassle for me.
 Thank you! Very useful.
I read the whole thread and others, I find the GR07 CE very interesting, but can't risk any durability issues... Have they improved or is it a higher than the norm risk?
 I haven't tried the xba 4i, if I understand correctly the controls wouldn't work on my Nexus 4... Someone said they had different impedance? 16 instead of 8 ohms? That would probably make them sound different. On my Nexus 4 the xba4 sound nice, but not awesome. On a particular song with my z walkman, PJ Harvey's The Glorious Land, the cymbals (?) sound borderline awful, all other songs sound great, as has been noted, electronic music in particular is out of this world...
 In their crazy mind, to take customers away from iPods and to their Walkman line... And the few of us even crazier who actually did it have been unexpectedly rewarded, my XBA-4 with my old by now Z walkman sounds like... An audio drug?
 I guess the proof is in the pudding! The Z is yet another finicky Sony product, just like the XBA-4 which goes missing in action when connected to other devices... But man do they sound nice together.
 The thing is... I'm telling you they sound great, I'm listening to both the xba-4 + Z... Thanks anyway.
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