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 I guess the proof is in the pudding! The Z is yet another finicky Sony product, just like the XBA-4 which goes missing in action when connected to other devices... But man do they sound nice together.
 The thing is... I'm telling you they sound great, I'm listening to both the xba-4 + Z... Thanks anyway.
Ok people, I've read this thread with interest but here's my particular question: I really enjoy my XBA-4 on a Z1060 Sony Walkman (to its detractors: the walkman is probably what makes it shine, and I got it much cheaper than MSRP), and even an old A844; I also have a Sony ex300 and Sennheiser cx300 for when I feel like having booming bass. I've read your impressions of the XBA-H3, the pros and cons: would the H3 be sufficiently different and enjoyable for me? I intend it...
 Yes, nice way of putting it!
 ZOMG! Me wants!! (At that price).
With 2.03 the battery seems to be lasting longer, without wifi. Just tried the free cloudampz app for android, it lets you play flac uploaded to Box, works flawlessly so that's potentially another 50 GB of music I could be streaming to the Z... No more space constraints!
Sennheiser CX300, aka BOOM BOOM BOOM, paid about twice the price in the US since local selection is so laughably bad; should have researched more and waited until someone could bring something decent over. Never use them.
 Good news! With Sony dropping the Vaio line, I just hope we aren't the last to be enjoying the walkman (besides the newer F806, F886, ZX1).
Yup, Google 'Gesture Search'.
I'm under the impression the battery is lasting longer, so whatever they did made it smarter on stand by. Couldn't get songs to open in anything but play music, the sony music app isn't offered as an option, but there must be a way...
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