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Afaik,burn-in has only ever happened between my ears.
I just got my tracking number from lhl for my lcd2 from the headphone bundle. Should be here next week.
Sorry Casey, I guess I should have posted your reply to my pm so you didn't have to answer the question again.
I have the iDSD already and love it. I would never pay $1k for a dac. But $1k for a dac and lcd2? No brainer IMO.
+1. Love mine. Price is right too.
Actually, for me at least, that keeps them seated in my ears. Without it, I think they would move around too much. Worn down, you won't even notice it.
This is ironic. I have a Valhalla 2 the sound of which I really enjoy, but I don't feed it with my iDSD, because I feel that I give up some of the detail and resolution that I love about the iDSD. I prefer the sound of the iDSD by itself.
Signed up a few days ago.
I felt compelled to go for the vanilla/lcd2. If the delivery schedule is close, and the sq of the pulse is what I expect, this is a screaming deal.
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