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You said a mouthful there, as most modern charting music (or whatever is the modern-day equivalent to charting) I hear is of poor quality, in addition to sounding bad. Neither characteristic appeals, but the former is far worse.
Eu contraire sir. I am constantly listening to, and looking for, new music, even in the categories I cited above as not being my favorites. Those categories just happen to be the ones that are simultaneously the ones in which I have had the least success, and also those that are referred to above as being played to death at audio demos/shows. If the compositon and performance of music doesn't appeal to me, the sound quality doesn't mean ****, while I have quite a bit of...
I've only been to one audio show ( CanJam rmac 2014) and didn't have that much fun, so probably will never go to another. Brought my x5 as a source, but can't for the life of me remember what music I used for demos. That said, I've never even contemplated owning music for the purposes of demoing gear (mine or others') that I wouldn't listen to for pleasure regardless of the gear used. Since I am not all that familiar with most classical music, and can't stand most acoustic...
I've had the best results with relatively low impedance/low sensitivity planar cans (lcd2, he500) with the R set to low, while higher impedance cans (hd600, dt880-250ohm) sound better on medium. Supposedly, a good target is to keep the ratio of headphone impedance to amplifier output impedance at least 8:1, at least with dynamic drivers. While my experience with the polaris has been consistent with this, the beauty of the thing is the ease of changing settings. I'd say do...
No, but I think Jeremy can change it from one to the other if you send it to him. May be a charge, I would ask him. He is pretty responsive to emails.
I think the "bright" nature of the hd800 results from a peak in the fr at about 6-8k hz, which would be unaffected by the roll-off even in the low bandwidth setting on the "aggressive" version of the polaris iirc.Edit: Sorry, my bad. Looked it up, and actually did not remember correctly, the low bandwidth setting on the aggressive version might tame that peak a bit. That's what happens when one gets old.
This post is staggeringly presumptuous. Unbelievable.
Ditto with the he500s.
Are you still looking? I have an eo7k (the updated version of the e7) along with the line out module. Let me know if you are still in the market. Cheers.
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