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Agreed. In fact, none of the "ciems cum universals" at can jam were comfortable, and according to the audiologist who took my impressions, my ear canals are pretty unremakable. In fact, if I were to go with a universal, I'd probably stick to something like westone or shure, or some other universal whose design isn't compromised so they can have both a universal and a custom. All the "testers" at can jam felt like I was wearing someone else's customs.
I though it sounded pretty good as well, at least for what it is. My only problem was that it didn't get loud enough, especially with older recordings.
If spending $2k on a headphone amp, or anything else for that matter, makes one derive more pleasure from a product than would be derived from a $200 piece of gear,independent of the actual sound, I'm not in a position to argue that that is not a wise investment, especially as there will always another out there willing to throw $ around to make them feel better, so it can be sold on. Similarly, if it is the placebo effect of a drug that makes a patient feel better, who...
Duck and cover everyone!
I disagree. If the sample is of sufficient size, the participants are actually chosen randomly, and all spurious variables are controlled for, the result should be replicable. Oh ****, I'll bet my understanding of statistics has been utterly wrong all these years. I'm due a rather large refund of tuition $.
Saw this coming from a mile away.
"An amusing anecdote: A friend of mine is head of a department in one of the major hospitals in the US. He commented to effect that he has very often seen multiple, full controlled, peer-reviewed double-blind studies in medicine that produced opposing results!"     That means one or both of the studies were poorly designed, by definition.
Dad always said he was gonna tie a snowshovel to the roof of his car and drive south  until someone pointed at the shovel and said "What's that?" He made it to Arkansas.
The "icy" wind? Really? Aren't you guys in Cali? I'm sorry, I don't mean to be unsympathetic, but I don't think you guys see anything that I would call icy. (I live in Denver, and my whole family is from northern Minnesota. When I moved here I thought it was positively tropical)! I do admire the dedication though.
I did the same.
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