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I tried to research this question a couple of years ago, and really never got a certain answer. I do remember though that the impedance was listed as being exactly the same (56 ohms iirc) so I assumed that they were the same internally. If not that would be quite the coincidence. I had mine reshelled about 1.5 years ago, and still love 'em. Good luck.
I actually found that the adhesive "feet" Schiit provides create just enough clearance to either my vali1 or my Sys to place them on top of the Polaris without fouling the jumpers, and of course the footprint of the latter is sufficiently larger than the small Schiit cases to create a better base for the stack. I have the aluminum case however.
Or you've never read spiderman comics or seen the movies.
One of my favorite chapters so far Jason. The way I see it, if I want the best results with anything, I do myself the things I'm good at, i.e., things that someone else might hire me to do, and hire experts to do the things not in my wheelhouse. All this requires is honesty when evaluating my own skills, or, as Dirty Harry once said," A man's gotta know his limitations." Experts can do things better, cheaper, and more efficiently, leaving me more time to do things I like...
After 2 divorces, waf is not really an issue lol. My last one, however, likes music enough that all i had to do was play something she liked, and she was in, regardless of size or appearance (of the gear, that is). I miss that one.
I'm glad you like it. I set up a room to accommodate sound rather than the reverse if it is a room where consumption of media will take place. Different priorities I suppose..
I have a Peachtree audio decco 65 integrated and a pair of monitor audio bronze bx2 bookshelves that i paid (total) $200-250 less for than the price of this device, and guarantee that setup sounds better. Not trying to get anybody up in arms. Talking about this thing as a bedside device is what made me call it a gloified clock radio. I don't want my music coming at me from one side of my head, and would like to have some stereo separation and soundstage which one will not...
Thanks for the review Mark. I'd have to agree with you on the price, though. I'd be thrilled to find it in a hotel room i was staying in, but it clearly isn't designed for audiophiles. The sound quality/price ratio, even for a second system, is too easy to beat. And I don't have the cash to spend a grand on a glorified clock radio. You nailed it.
My hd600s sound best to my ears using the middle impedence setting (R), but even the low gain setting is more than sufficient i.e. 1 o'clock on the knob is as loud as I need with most recordings. I always use the lowest gain settings possible as higher gain settings can raise the noise floor along with the volume of the music. Enjoy your new toy.
Thanks Jason, great chapter. When it comes to this topic, i'm pretty sure of two things: 1) There are some differences between certain pieces of gear that some can hear that cannot be measured, and; 2) There are some differences between certain pieces of gear that can be measured but that are not audible, to me or anyone else. I am positive of only one thing: I cannot hear schiit above 15khz.
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