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Rather than a Lepai (which seem to all have volume and tone controls) wouldn't I be better off with just an on off button since I would effectively have a pre- to control volume with?
Thank you for the suggestion.
And what would be the relative effect on sound vis-a-vis a tube amp? I already have a fiio E07 that I use with both cans and iems.
I'm looking for an inexpensive tube amp to serve as both a headphone amp and to drive a set of Klipsch KG4s to relatively low volumes (if such a thing exists.) The speakers are rated at 6 ohms nominal and 94dB@1w@m. By inexpensive I mean <$400, hopefully much less. I've been looking at two products from...
So you don't listen to music when you drive a car? Bummer. Remind me to never carpool with you.
I'm not any more distracted by listening to music on a motorcycle than I am listening to music driving a car. The fact that I'm hearing it through iems instead of speakers doesn't change the level of distraction one bit, at least for me.
Received my reshells and although I'm thrilled with both the SQ and the comfort in any other context, under a motorcycle helmet they hurt after a half hour. They fit great, I think the problem is with the material, which is a hard acrylic. For me at least, for use under a helmet either silicone ciems, or maybe the Westones that are an acrylic shell with a softer nylon end is the way to go. I'm really enjoying the improved SQ and the comfort off the bike though.
After a couple of days of listening, my right earphone cutout completely, so I reached up to remove it from my ear and the cable had come unplugged. When I attempted to plug it back in, I discovered that one of the pins had broken off about 2-3 mm from the plug, and the remainder was lodged in the receptacle, thus preventing me from plugging in even a new cable. I immediately emailed Rob. While waiting for a reply, I was finally able to extract the remaining pin from the...
Rob, is that you?
Although I'm still using them and trying to get used to them, I thing I'm gonna have a comfort issue with mine. I don't think its a fit issue either. I think it's just the fact that I'm unused to having something as hard and unyielding as acrylic in my ear canals, especially with the inward pressure exerted upon them by my motorcycle helmet. If true, its a real shame, because the SQ is noticeably better than the UM2s were before the reshelling. Soundstage is improved,...
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