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Whether squirrel or washer, i'm sure it will have an FPGA rather than that crappy off the shelf squirrel/washer chip.
Brand New- still in box with shrink wrap. I will pay pp fees and shipping within CONUS. I won't ship outside CONUS, so don' ask. Will consider trades for closed 'phones of similar value, or better yet, plus cash.  SOLD.
1) 106248 2) 109017 3) 105642
Just got back. Ciems in the whole time. Still alive. No ticket. ( And in Colorado at least, it is any "Motor Vehicle.")Unenforceability has never even entered the discussion w/ our gummint. And cba is right, riding itself pretty much takes away your hearing. Think of how loud an 80mph wind is. I actually hear marginally more with earplugs in, but not earphones of course.
$3500 DAPs and $2000 headphones are so irrelevant to me that it is comical. Actually, what's comical is that I still waste time reading the reviews of such things, even though never in my wildest dreams will I be be able to afford them. My x5 as transport only, amped and converted to analog by my micro iDSD is as good as portable will ever be for me I'm afraid. Good thing that setup sounds so good to my very old ears. Actually, any DAP that has enough storage and a digital...
Every state in which I've checked the laws, mostly western ones, makes it illegal to wear earphones or headphones while operating a vehicle. According to AAA, different states are all over the map(so to speak).   https://drivinglaws.aaa.com/laws/headsets/ Colorado is the only state where I've been cited.
I actually got into head-fi in an effort to listen to music on a motorcycle, starting with portable cassette players, cd players ( skip city), through minidisc and finally, digital files. I will never ride again without ear protection, whether ear plugs or iems, alas, i'd already suffered some hearing loss sometime in the10-15 years prior to figuring that out. Between the wind noise, engine noise, and the helmet, you really can't hear squat anyway, at least the addition of...
My wallet is always scared except when it is empty, like now. Maybe it's the $ that's scared?
Actually the ss output stage is one thing I want, as that might help with orthos, not counting on it though.
I suppose i may try that, but i've never had good results from double amping a signal.
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