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Nice review as always Mark. I agree with you on the looks. Meself, I would go for walnut and silver (white gets too grody looking, and the gold hardware would make me feel like an idiot), but they are the best looking 'phones to come out in a while, imo. Yours is the first review I've seen to take the view of the treble that you do. As you say, maybe it is your particular sensitivity. I entered a contest to win a pair, so maybe I will find out for myself. Thanks for the...
What you need is a line-level analog out, which is essentially what the record out typically is. That should also mean that the volume will not be variable, so you will use the polaris volume control for headphone listening. If you decide a new dac is in order, at that price I would definitely go with the modi 2 uber over the Odac. Let us know how it turns out.
Contrary to the implications of what vapman said, you can't say a dac is "trash" just because of the chip it uses. If you are happy with the sound from the Yamaha, you should try to use it first if you don't want to spend money for an outboard dac. As to his advice re getting a signal to the polaris, i don't know what the hell he is talking about. I still think you can make it work by using the md/cd-r out jacks with rca cables to the polaris' in jacks. While I believe...
The dac in the fiio might actually be better than that in the Yamaha, don't know but it wouldn't surprise me. You might be surprised at how much better a more modern dac solution might sound. Then again, maybe not. Maybe someone else on this thread can tell you whether those record outs are line-level. Anyone? Good luck mate, congrats on the amp. Love mine.
Avec plaisir, mon frere.
The fact that this is a home theatre receiver complicates that for me, i've never used one as a pre. It doesn't have a dedicated pre-out though. I imagine the md/cd-r outs (rcas between the coax digital input and the digital subwoofer out bottom left) will probably work as I think they are functionally equivalent to a tape loop out, but I am not positive. In terms of sound quality, almost any outboard dac will give you better sound. I am certain that the dac in your...
I think Turn of a Friendly Card, and know I Robot are available as dsd downloads from Acoustic Sounds for $25 per.
Does your receiver have pre-outs?
You said a mouthful there, as most modern charting music (or whatever is the modern-day equivalent to charting) I hear is of poor quality, in addition to sounding bad. Neither characteristic appeals, but the former is far worse.
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