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I must say, I don't give a schiit where the power switch is. What does it sound like, and what does it cost to own?
Speechless! Dumbfounded! Huh?
I get the distinct impression that you would not understand my "theory." Did you not notice my use of the first person singular?
I'm sure ifi I will take care of you.
I bought a chromecast from amazon as a gift for someone who already had one, so I arranged a return. Before sending it out, the intended recipient told me not to return it so he could regift it. When I sent amazon an email telling then to go ahead and charge my account, their email back said I could keep it at no charge. Love me some amazon, as long as i'm not a shareholder.
I think this is an unethical practice. The cost would be to my conscience.
Every USB charger I've tried has worked so far.
Evolvist, I had the same problem, which was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling version 2.20 of the driver,and going through the set up process again. I was warned off of using v.2.23.
I think it is analogous to creationists having contempt for evolutionary biologists.
I am not commenting on anyone's experience but my own, thus the preface.
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