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I'd say it is safe to assume you are not a lawyer.
Yeah, only the gummint can get away with that.
I would suggest a customer support ticket with ifi. They are very helpful. Let us know what you find out. I seriously doubt that the iDSD is the source of the problem, but you never know.
I don't use Jplay, but JRiver specifically warns against using JRMC20 with Jplay, so it's not surprising you are having issues.
My dog says she can hear the difference, and she's never lied to me yet, so there Mr. smarty-pants.
I only tried the 3d on setting once with speakers, and I hated it. Sounded very disjointed and sounded like it induced issues in timing. I never turn it or the Xbass off with 'phones tho.
Looks very cool, but after investing some $ in some dsd and 24/192 files, I probably wouldn't go with a usb 1 only device. Thank god. My wallet just breathed a sigh of relief.
[Mod Edit: Please put long quotes, if necessary, in a spoiler tag. A lot of people read on phones these days.] I hope they sell a Schiit-load.
I don't own the iTube ( I have a Valhalla 2) but I have an iCan, and it drives the Schiit out of my HD600s as well as my DT880 250 ohm, LCD2s, and HE500s. I also have the iDSD Micro, and it is a great pairing with any of these phones, even alone, although I think the iCan has a better sounding headphone amp than the amp in the iDSD Micro. The DAC in the iDSD Micro is absolutely stellar though, and using it with the iCan is the best of all possible worlds. Highly...
Uh...because they sold more than they had parts with which to build them? Just a guess.
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