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My wallet is always scared except when it is empty, like now. Maybe it's the $ that's scared?
Actually the ss output stage is one thing I want, as that might help with orthos, not counting on it though.
I suppose i may try that, but i've never had good results from double amping a signal.
I'm about to find out. I figured at a buck twenty it was a pretty low risk proposition. Didn't want to be utterly tubeless, you know?
I've solved the problem by selling my Valhalla2, which honestly sucked with my HE 500s and LCD2s, and getting a micro ican for my orthos, and I have a Vali on order for my dynamics (HD600 and 250ohm DT880). The orthos both sound great from the ican. Picked up both amps for about the same $ as the valhalla2 cost new. 
Everything but the original shipping box is included. (See pic below). Also includes a bunch of comply tips that were not included with the 'phones originally. NO international shipping, don't even ask. I'm tired of getting shipping quotes for people who never respond. I will cover paypal and ground shipping at the asking price. PM me with questions or offers. I will consider trades, but only for full-size closed cans. Alpha Dogs maybe? Tell me what you've got....
1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3=3.5mm 4=XLR
I'll be interested to see how they compare.
Your latter point re electrical isolation is well taken, but I already have a pulse, micro iDSD, and the sabre 9023 based DAC built-in to my receiver, so it starts to get a little duplicative. If I can get a refund, I will, but if not, I'll compare the sound to the pulse, and if it is better I'l sell the pulse, if not I'll sell the gov2+. Gotta keep the micro now as it's the only truly portable option I have. I was orignally planning to sell my least favorite of the...
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