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I find it amusing that you would even think to compare them. 
I also have, and love, HD600s and LCD2s, so i guess i'm consistent at least. Ironically, I gave the T10s to my son for Christmas, which was the plan all along, unless I had to buy another pair.
Does that cable charge?
I as well find them to be pretty detailed, it's kind of a v-shaped curve (?) to me. I actually liked the T10s better with the treble filters, and they are definitely more comfortable than the Pioneers for me.
I've seen the published spec Technobear cites, but I wonder if there is a solution in the fact that the voltage drop is only an issue for charging, not data transmission?
I've never heard any of those on the list, but the Micro iDSD kicks ass with the LCD2F!
And as far as I'm concerned, they might as well dispense with the volume controls on the device and use those of the computer, like the Explorer.
I can't believe people get their panties in a wad over the placement of a gd on/off switch. Holy schiit.
Yes that is the correct cable.You will also have to make sure your device supports OTG (not all android devices do) and get player software that also supports OTG (USB Audio player pro and hibymusic are the ones I know of).
It might be accurate, but it is not proven.
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