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Not 2, but after the output impedance reduction (to 5 ohms from 50). Has a combination line-out/optical out, which is how I mostly used it. Digitally controlled analog volume control. Built-in hp amp good for any iems and medium sensitivity cans. Great sq for low price, which will include shipping and paypal. Pm with any questions or for pix. Thanks for looking.
I've owned this dac for about 6 months. Works flawlessly. Internal hp amp will drive almost anything, including my hd600s, 250 ohm dt880s, and he500s, although the latter marginally, meaning they get loud enough but with no headroom. 3 different internal digital filters and a digital crossfeed function. Quoted price includes shipping and paypal. Pm me with any questions or if you want pix. Thanks for looking. Cheers. Supposed to be Emotiva by the way. I love autocorrect.
I don't think I need a link to support the proposition that trying to compare the sound of dac chips without any reference to their implementation is a fools errand, which is where the op started with this thread. No chip has a "sound" on its own. The only sound any chip makes without a shedload of other variables that have to be specified before any meaningful comparison could be made between them would be if you dropped them on the floor. I don't have a hyperlink for...
Almost everything contained in this thread is either a gross oversimplification or flat out wrong, or both, (especially likely to be both if it comes from GUTB). Just sayin.
Posted in error.
This is merely confirmation of what I already suspected; this hobby has outstripped my ability to pay for upgrades from what I already have. I don't blame Sony as they are merely going where everyone else is. I'm sure glad I like what I already have, because barring catastrophic failure, I must now step off this moving sidewalk. May stop by once in a while to watch you guys chase the latest and greatest, but I am, as they say, out.
Just one more reason why dropping a schitt-load of cash trying to produce good sound quality in an environment inherently inimical to same is a fools errand.
Love your reviews, Mark. Keep up the good work.
I am ready to put my $ where my mouth is, and blindly, such is my faith in the schiitheads. I hereby commit every penny of extra money i have available to whatever is revealed. Here's my five dollars.
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