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I'm surprised it would show up without power. Source lights on the front dark?
These are the best cans I have ever owned. Unfortunately i must sell. I will pay shipping and paypal fee at this price. The cans are in very good condition cosmetically and functionally perfect. Still have the original pleather pads, but the cans are wearing HM5 angled pleather pads with the mounting rings cannibalized from the velour pads (which sucked anyway) and are therefore unavailable. Also includes the original box, the outside surface of which has some...
You guys are mindscrewing this way too much. Turn on, leave on, music, voila!
I keep mine kool with a vali roasting on top of it.
This is a great dac amp combo. Three different digital filters plus a digital crossfeed function. Comes with all original packaging and accessories (see pix). Surprisingly powerful headamp, which even drives my he500, though with very little headroom. Paypal only. Pm with any questions.
1) 112,363 2) 114,829 3) 116,480
This is kind of weird for a few reasons. I've never heard the emotiva pieces, but am very familiar with the others, and the hd650s and bottlehead are among the least likely components to come across as too forward or sharp (fatiguing, maybe? Just trying to understand what you are hearing.) Both are commonly thought of as pretty smooth and laid back, especially the hd650. It is possible that the speakers will get better with time, but that kind of change is usually pretty...
At the least, i believe the Modi Multibit would be a significant upgrade over any version of the x3. Don't forget though that if you use an outboard dac that has no amp, you will need one of those as well. How are you currently amping for your phones? You could get a GOv2 or a dragonfly or similar to get both. I like the MM better than the dac section of any of the combo units near the price that i've heard though.
Not 2, but after the output impedance reduction (to 5 ohms from 50). Has a combination line-out/optical out, which is how I mostly used it. Digitally controlled analog volume control. Built-in hp amp good for any iems and medium sensitivity cans. Great sq for low price, which will include shipping and paypal. Pm with any questions or for pix. Thanks for looking.
I've owned this dac for about 6 months. Works flawlessly. Internal hp amp will drive almost anything, including my hd600s, 250 ohm dt880s, and he500s, although the latter marginally, meaning they get loud enough but with no headroom. 3 different internal digital filters and a digital crossfeed function. Quoted price includes shipping and paypal. Pm me with any questions or if you want pix. Thanks for looking. Cheers. Supposed to be Emotiva by the way. I love autocorrect.
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