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I would be pissed if I bought a pair of 'phones for $1500, and 18 months later I was notified that for the one-time-only price of only $500, the manufacturer would be willing to convert them to what they should have been all along. And then people are thankful? Sheesh.
I never thought the original vali sounded very "tubey" anyway, although in terms of airiness and openness it is moreso than in tonality. I imagine I would like the vali 2 as well as the vali if your characterization is correct.
That too, Mike, in a less concrete way. I was actually talking about that huge cable (tail, right?) hanging out of the vali. I still use my vali on a nightly basis as my bedside rig with a big ego and usually my hd600. One of the all-time great audio bargains. Sounds way better than it has any right to, with the hd600s, dt880pros, or even the he500. Not so much with iems or low-z phones.
This is definitely a case of the tail wagging the dog.
Todd Rundgren also.
The resistors on the module that came installed have 1002f printed on them, the ones on the extra module say 1003f on them, and I think the latter are the higher resistance ones. Since I use everything from iems to planars to high impedance full-size cans, he sent both.
Don't know. Prior to purchasing mine i emailed jeremy about use with iems, so that could've prompted it's inclusion if it's not automatic. I got the aluminum chassis, but that shouldn't matter. If you are curious, you should email Jeremy about it.
It was in a little ziplock along with an extra attenuation module (to reduce gain for iems). 3/32 in.
Mine actually came with the allen key too.
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