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Thanks for the review Mark. I'd have to agree with you on the price, though. I'd be thrilled to find it in a hotel room i was staying in, but it clearly isn't designed for audiophiles. The sound quality/price ratio, even for a second system, is too easy to beat. And I don't have the cash to spend a grand on a glorified clock radio. You nailed it.
My hd600s sound best to my ears using the middle impedence setting (R), but even the low gain setting is more than sufficient i.e. 1 o'clock on the knob is as loud as I need with most recordings. I always use the lowest gain settings possible as higher gain settings can raise the noise floor along with the volume of the music. Enjoy your new toy.
Thanks Jason, great chapter. When it comes to this topic, i'm pretty sure of two things: 1) There are some differences between certain pieces of gear that some can hear that cannot be measured, and; 2) There are some differences between certain pieces of gear that can be measured but that are not audible, to me or anyone else. I am positive of only one thing: I cannot hear schiit above 15khz.
It always amazes me when the price of a product is halved, and yet it is still overpriced.
Would be interesting to try, and compare to eo6.
Omg! What about Fremer's vinyl resurgence?
I just need an email, and then a shipping address. Thanks. You can pm me if you prefer, or email me at senorx12562@gmail.com. Cheers. Kurt
Owned since new in April 2015. This is a very enjoyable amp. Bass boost and 3D functions are very well done, allowing for tweaks to sound sig for different headphones/genres/tastes. Three gain settings for use with everything from iems to planars and high impedance cans. Drove my he500s, lcd2s, and hd600s easily in medium gain setting, while in low gain even iems reveal a very low noise floor (never heard any, actually). I will pay shipping and paypal fees to CONUS. No...
I'm currently using the Emotiva Big Ego in my desktop setup, and really enjoying the sound. It was on sale for $179 when I got it, and it's a deal. Might be back to 219 now though. Having used it, I'd pay that too.
I have a pair with fazor and all original accessories except the 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter (which gave up early) in bamboo for sale. Asking $700 shipped. I'll pay paypal also. Email at senorx12562@gmail.com. Cheers.
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