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1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3=3.5mm 4=XLR
I'll be interested to see how they compare.
Your latter point re electrical isolation is well taken, but I already have a pulse, micro iDSD, and the sabre 9023 based DAC built-in to my receiver, so it starts to get a little duplicative. If I can get a refund, I will, but if not, I'll compare the sound to the pulse, and if it is better I'l sell the pulse, if not I'll sell the gov2+. Gotta keep the micro now as it's the only truly portable option I have. I was orignally planning to sell my least favorite of the...
Cosider me suitably chastened your highness. I shall not darken your door again.
Of course it's a coax out, I can't get a digital signal from a line out. The point is that one end is a 3.5mm trs plug, carrying a digital signal. It is a stupid design to only have one way to input a digital signal into a DAC. They couldn't do a coax in, or a combo coax optical? Are you saying that you can output a digital signal via a trs plug but you couldn't input same via a trs input?
If you read the email exchange then you know that LH labs said themselves that only ios 6 and lillipop support this functionality.
X5 puts out a digital signal via a trs mono 3.5mm plug, teminating at a coax digital to dap. Where did you get the idea I was trying to output an analog signal? If it's analog already, I certainly don't need a DAC.
Please provide a link for a USB Micro Male to USB Micro Male OTG cable, if you would be so kind. It's something of a moot point for my intended use however, since it has to be an Android/lollipop device.
  Ticket: https://support.lhlabs.com/helpdesk/tickets/11824   I see Kurt, well i have the V2+ prototype and use the Tidal app for all my hifi music since they have a huge library of audio, pretty much anything i can think of they had. it can also be use for a Apple computer or PC if you have a just a Micro to USB A male.    Best regards Manny,  On Fri, 19 Jun at 3:52 PM , Kurt Hertel...
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