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 Yeah, sorry for the hijack. My bad. Should've just taken a deep breath and laughed instead of allowing myself to be lured down the rabbit hole.
I don't listen to much classical music, although I quite like much of it, but if there is any benefit to be had from more bit depth, classical music is certainly the context in which that benefit is most likely to be realized. In the end the benefits of "HD,"(if any) recordings are mooted for me by the fact that very little of the music I listen to is even available in an HD format. Even aside from the question of the audibility of the difference, the population of people...
While changing technology may have changed the theoretical optimum sampling frequency, it will always be theoretical unless advancing technology is going to make my ears better, and I think my ears are getting worse way faster than that technology is advancing (if it is at all). In fact, I would argue that the advent of digital filtering makes a sampling frequency over 44.1khz even more irrelevant, as it allows very low aliasing and smooth frequency response without the...
Lorias, I know you're probably not interested since it is rational and would cause too much cognitive dissonance with your apparent self-image as a golden-eared audio God, but I'll try:   Check it out. I would be interested to hear what you think after you read it.
Nevertheless, it moves, Torquemada.
Yeah, barring a double-blind a/b test with all variables controlled for, I am definitely going to remain agnostic about "HD" audio in general, and certainly about my ability to hear the difference between it and CD quality. That doesn't mean I can't hear a difference between my w4rs and my um3xs, or between my x3 and one of my myriad other DAPs, but I can't for a moment guarantee that it's not all or mostly confirmation bias. Guess I'm just not "golden ears" material. 
Wow. I'm........speechless.
I have never spoken to anyone who didn't think it was nuts to spend even $500.00 on a pair of headphones or earphones. In fact I've never done so either, although I might if I could.
Somewhat ironically, I now have W40s, because Westone replaced my W4s with them under warranty when the housing came apart. I got the W4s from Earphone Solutions for such a good price because Westone was about to introduce their new lineup, so they were non-current. I mention this in part because I have been very happy with the customer service of both companies. I have had numerous sets of Westones and have been happy with all of them, and if I had the wherewithal I'd...
I may be wrong, but I think the RSMs cost more than twice the $300 I paid for my w4s, which is the comparison I intended to make. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
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