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Owned since new in April 2015. This is a very enjoyable amp. Bass boost and 3D functions are very well done, allowing for tweaks to sound sig for different headphones/genres/tastes. Three gain settings for use with everything from iems to planars and high impedance cans. Drove my he500s, lcd2s, and hd600s easily in medium gain setting, while in low gain even iems reveal a very low noise floor (never heard any, actually). I will pay shipping and paypal fees to CONUS. No...
I'm currently using the Emotiva Big Ego in my desktop setup, and really enjoying the sound. It was on sale for $179 when I got it, and it's a deal. Might be back to 219 now though. Having used it, I'd pay that too.
I have a pair with fazor and all original accessories except the 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter (which gave up early) in bamboo for sale. Asking $700 shipped. I'll pay paypal also. Email at senorx12562@gmail.com. Cheers.
I am using my polaris currently with lcd2.2f, he500, hd600, dt880-250, k553, and senn momentum on-ears, and have yet to find a bad pairing. In addition to the sound quality that had been reported, it's flexibility for use with such disparate loads was my motive for buying it. I'm very happy so far.
Includes original box and all accessories. Works perfectly. Price includes shipping to Conus and paypal fees. No international shipping, no trades, so don't ask about either.
Same as here, senorx12562. Garage 1217 amps?
These factors, along with (electrical) efficiency are often conflated, ime. Though they are related, i agree that it is the sensitivity that makes 'phones sensitive (pun intended) to noise.
Thanks Mckickflip. I'm not so worried about time. Schiit is very good about order fulfillment, and Jeremy tells me he just finisned a build of the polaris. I only care about sound quality, especially as they both even have a 5 year warranty.
Thanks Tunkejazz. The Ember is out for me, as i don't want a tube amp. I've looked for a comparison of the A2 and the Polaris, but have found nothing.
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