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+1. Love mine. Price is right too.
Actually, for me at least, that keeps them seated in my ears. Without it, I think they would move around too much. Worn down, you won't even notice it.
This is ironic. I have a Valhalla 2 the sound of which I really enjoy, but I don't feed it with my iDSD, because I feel that I give up some of the detail and resolution that I love about the iDSD. I prefer the sound of the iDSD by itself.
Signed up a few days ago.
I felt compelled to go for the vanilla/lcd2. If the delivery schedule is close, and the sq of the pulse is what I expect, this is a screaming deal.
The linked review reads as if poorly translated from another language. I barely made it through. I agree with his conclusion though.
Omg. You guys need to get a life.
New perks at indiegogo, lcd2+ pulse, $999.00. Couldn't resist.
Get back to me in 10 years or so. Oh wait, I'll be dead. Nevermind.
Yeah it's a bit ironic that despite the recent uptick in the percentage of physical media sales of LPs vis-a-vis other physical formats, (mostly cds of course), it is the day on day improvement of digital file playback sound quality that will sound the death knell of vinyl and not cd, and it won't be long.
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