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Thank you Paul and Martin both, and for the review Paul. If I had the scratch, I would probably be in line already. Your reviews help me live vicariously Paul. Thanks and cheers.
Paul, the kickstarter page says that the DAC chip used is the PCM5102A.
Heavier = cooler = better? I did not know that.
Likelihood of this happening-0%. Entertainment value of this post-priceless.
Unofficially, to get the best results, a high-$ lps and 4 digit cables are required.
A little over a year old, probably about 300 hours. Just broken in, really. I have purchased Vali 2 and don't need both, though I am tempted because, well, I love her. Yes, it'll ring for 20 seconds or so when you plug your phones in. No, it didn't bother me at all. Never did it from varying the volume and sounded good enough that... (shrugs). Price includes pp fees and shipping. No accessories, just as I got it from Schiit. Paypal only, US only. Cheers, Kurt.
Purchased directly from Garage 1217 in November 2015, so will have almost 4 years warranty left. Excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Very flexible and powerful amp. Green led, (which is easily changed) and mellow bandwidth option. I bought this amp to use with planars and low impedance full-size cans that present impedance issues with tube amps. Very happy with it's performance, but I am selling my last remaining planars l (he500) so it won't get much use going...
Thanks again Mark, great review as always. Cheers Mate.
Very fair pricing Luke. You can bet that when the time comes for a new iem, vibro labs will be right at the top of my list, especially with the reports of sound qjuality and the cheaper restocking fee. Thanks and Cheers, mate.
I find it far more likely that change (s) in one, or more, of the innumerable and unmeasureable variables within us is responsible for these type of phenomena than that something was suddenly different (and magically changed back before the next listening session) in a piece of gear. Just sayin'.
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