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Very fair pricing Luke. You can bet that when the time comes for a new iem, vibro labs will be right at the top of my list, especially with the reports of sound qjuality and the cheaper restocking fee. Thanks and Cheers, mate.
I find it far more likely that change (s) in one, or more, of the innumerable and unmeasureable variables within us is responsible for these type of phenomena than that something was suddenly different (and magically changed back before the next listening session) in a piece of gear. Just sayin'.
What exactly is "power outlet friendly?"
Sure is purty.
Thanks Mark, great review as always. Love the bit about Uhuru-stellar. Cheers mate.
1) 78,432 2) 75,812 3) 73,115
Not to be critical of you as you just didn't know, but anyone so inclined can just shoot me now, as i've clearly outlived my usefulness.
Because that was my source traveling, and it was easier to move around without the dac flopping around on the end of a cable. Why would i not?
Thank you, I 'll try it out. Appreciate your time. (I had the same question as crankyaf).
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