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Fiio x3 1st gen in perfect condition, with fiio leather case. No box or card. Price includes shipping and paypal fees. PM me with questions
Westone W40s. Come with all accessories (see picture) plus some extra comply tips. I just don't use them much. Paypal only. I'll pay shipping and paypal fees. PM me with questions.
Valhalla 2, stock tubes, no interconnects (don't think it came with any) or original box. probably 100 hrs of use. Selling because I'm mostly using planars these days. I also have a pair of HD600s for sale in the headphone section, which pair very well with this amp. PM me with questions.
Perfect operating condition, in box see picture includes shipping and paypal fees, paypal only. There are a few scratches here and there. PM me with any questions.
Beats for rich people. It's all about the bling don't ya know.
Thanks for the invite asr. Would've been there with bells on, but hve since moved to another state. Have fun.
I purchased a Pulse vanilla through their indiegogo campaign, and have no complaints about the way that was handled. The device itself sounds fantastic, and their customer support has been impeccable. I pre-ordered ordered the v2+, and had no problem paying in full when asked. I also had no problem with them bumping people who had paid in full ahead of people who'd paid $2. I'm excited to get the device. My 2 cents.
I'd say it is safe to assume you are not a lawyer.
Yeah, only the gummint can get away with that.
I would suggest a customer support ticket with ifi. They are very helpful. Let us know what you find out. I seriously doubt that the iDSD is the source of the problem, but you never know.
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