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I received my DX90 just over a week ago was very disappointed with my first hearing. I also own an HM901 and expected to be blown away by the dual dac's ? But it was nothing special. I have started the burn in process in the hope that the sound stage will improve but for the moment now I am considering selling  it on ebay. I will see how it sounds after 100 hours burn-in.
I had the same issue with the battery. But when I switched it off it switched it self back on ? Have you checked this ? So I always make sure it is off by watching it shut down 100%   Mine is a replacement model and works fine other than that small issue.   Nick 
I'ts very powerfull and it should drive most headphones and large cans - my headphones are Hisoundaudio PAA1 Pro which sound amazing I also have some beats HD. I bought it without the HE400 headphone bundle as I have loads of headphones.   I've just put it on ebay for sales as if  you want to look at the item number 301090335870 as I want to buy the A120.   The Player sounds amazing I also have a Fiio X3 and this has more details and soundstage.   It does not have...
I could spend the next 1000 words telling you how good this player is - for £164 bought direct from HIFIMAN  I'm speechless     
What problems did you have before the update - my main problem was skipping tracks and that appears to have improved.   Regards   Nick 
I updated to the new firmware and my HM901 no longer skips track - which is a first . There is a small downside it does not play my AAC files anymore I only had 5 tracks on there so I have converted  them to MP3 and they play fine. Most of my music is flac so it's not really a problem. I swear it sounds different but I guess it's just my imagination      Nick 
Thank you for the download it works great and updated fine thank you   Regards   Nick 
Can someone please up load the 1084 firmware for the HM901  and provide a link to download THE CHINA website is slow and does not do a full download   Thank you   Nick Hayes 
Thank you I can now see the link but it's not working ? - I have emailed Yin Sunner at support - she may send me a download last time I aksed see did .   Many thank Nick 
Can you post a link to the new 1.084 firmware  ? or has it just been sent to you from the support of hifiman    I cannot see it on the website   Regards   Nick Hayes 
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