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Here are some more pictures per request        
125i SOLD! 225 are still up for grabs!
here is the 225 recabled
The 225 I have had for a few years and I have recently recabled them and they sound great. $100 for the 125i $120 for the 225 recabled   This is a great deal! let me know if you have questions.
Thanks LFF, that is a real bummer.  
So old thread but have we compared the two yet? 
I am looking for a grado RS2i. I would also consider audio technica ATH AD2k for a bit more.
Hmm I seemed to have overlooked the dac to amp connection:p  now the D100 having a amp that I can disconnect is VERY appealing but perhaps I do need to just sit on it. Thank you
So even with low impedance phones I wouldn't be able to get away with just the NFB 3.1 for now?  At the current moment I would add the Gilmore lite and save for the mapletree.    I guess it would be a big no no to run the totalbithead to the mad ear? :p   My only concern with the d100 is that I would want the mad ear eventually and would be stuck again looking for separate components.
Alright guys I am getting some over analysis paralysis. Currently I am running apple lossless through MBP to the total bithead and grado sr225. I will be upgrading to the grado Rs2i or Audiotechnica ath ad2000 but I am not concerned about my headphone decision. I simply want you guys to know they are low impedence. I am looking for a substantial upgrade to my total bithead that I could achieve for $300 used or new if my price point wont give a good increase let me know....
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