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now i'm waiting review from you guys   liking the red/blue or red colours 
gimme a red or transparent   does it still have the movable nozzle? this help alot on my GR06
i look at the Moe-SS01 and think it's a weapon from video game lol
just received mine, bought it for RMB199 which is around $33,,bargain price   still fiddling around try to find the best tip, comes with chin slider as well
if it's been asked very sorry but how does vsd1 compare to R04? they are aorund the same price in taobao
bored waiting it..months and months still none available at taobao
to me hd668b bass is not boomy or insufficient just not punchy enough, but overall i got no complain as how they priced it   as for upgrading i say why not..this hobby is about discovery finding the headphone that suits your ear..have a listen and decide 
$30 pad on a superlux is a little too much at least for me..raise the stock pad with some foam then wrap it with socks..cheap and not too bad 
yea, especially the wing on 668b is just not so good on my head and the pads as well   will get the 681mkii if the price is low enough, waiting for it to be available at taobao
    oh yes, forget bout the samson sr850 but i like these new look more   waiting for some review, superlux dont up the price please
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