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go for westone 3 or 4, both can be around 320 on amazon. Westone 4 if your more of an audiophile looking for flat frequency response, and 3 if you just want some nice sound (more consumer oriented sound).
 Right now on amazon these iems are all about 320 usd. Im looking to get some, and I was thinking Westone 4, but I have heard that they are bass lightish and very neutral (possibly boring). I listen to music with prominent bass, but I also listen to classical and other bass light music. I enjoy clarity and detail, but for the same price would it be right to go for the westone 4s?   thanks
The Kosses are very good for the price, and have a lifetime warranty. I've also heard that the warranty service is good. My friend has them and they're very good. I would also suggest shure srh750djs, and athM50s.
 Hey, im new to these forums, but I've been into audio for maybe two years now. Im looking to purchase a new pair of IEMs. I am currently using Shure se215ltds, and Klipsh s4s, but I really wanna get something really nice. Im looking into multi BA driver IEM, and am considering purchasing a pair of Westone 4rs. I listen to a wide range of genres especially dubstep, elctronic house, alt rock, inde, jrock, and classical (mainly piano and violin pieces). Since I wanna have...
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