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I ordered on the 29th and already got it a week later, which was highly unexpected. Usually stuff I order from the US takes at best 3 weeks door-to-door, including customs. So that was a really nice surprise. Don't know what happened to customs, though. So far I haven't gotten any notification that I had to pay; surely FedEx didn't just wave it through...? Strange but not entirely unwelcome :D   Anyway, love the Alpha Dogs, they're just so... unspectacular. Every other...
I would love to see Replay Gain implemented, too. Without it the shuffle function is basically useless to me, because going from Classical straight to Metal...   Ouch.   Adjusting the volume of the song at the start after reading the metadata couldn't be too hard to implement, I imagine. (Unless volume is strictly hardware-controlled, but it doesn't look like it is...)
Thanks It took only about 30 seconds to download from dropbox.
Yeah, that happened to me, too. I couldn't reproduce it, though.
 I'm glad that you like them :-) I've never heard the Momentums, so unfortunately for me the comparison's not particularly helpful. I have heard about the fitting problem, though. That would probably be the worst thing that could happen, finding a hp that sounds brilliant, but is uncomfortable...
 I'll have a listen with the X3 once the local Apple reseller has the P7. When I went there last week and they didn't even know there was a new B&W headphone, but promised they'd get some shortly. If they let me, I'll compare them there with my Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 and maybe the P5 (to check how much of an improvement they've made compared to that one).
Got mine a while ago from a Japanese seller on ebay when they weren't available on I was so glad they turned out to be the real deal; I only heard about the fakes after I ordered >_<   Anyway, I'm very pleased with the sound and fit and look. They could isolate a bit better, but I guess you can't have everything. (I don't like turning the volume up too much.)
I had the same problem at first, even though I had formatted the card to FAT32 using Linux Mint's Disks utility. Turns out it was formatted a bit strangely as there was a rather large gap of a few hundred Megabytes of unallocated space before the first partition. I used GParted (which could also be run from a live CD) to delete that partition, then create a new one using FAT32. Everything's been working fine since then.
I recently got an ODAC/O2 combination from Head'n'Hifi with bamboo faceplates. Very nice-looking (and sounding, of course). I couldn't test with my K701s, though, as I only have one of those short adapters and don't want to risk ripping the connector from the board ;)
I'm one of them   At the moment I'm using a Pro-Ject DAC Box USB. I don't really have anything to compare it to, though.
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