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Up for sale my DX100 come with the device and charger.the touch panel is broken;however the touching works fine.Scratches on the back shown on pics. The touch panel can be replaced by ibasso for $25 or you can replace it youself, if you want to use it the way it is- it's fine. Price included shipping CONUS.Paypal fee on buyer.
I All original packaging is included with velour pads and partially 'Jerg' modified leather pads... only with holes cut in. They have approximately 500 hours of good listening. I had the Norse Skull 2 cable built for me after I had listened for one month with the stock cable. This is an outstanding cable. All original packaging is included. PP and shipping included!
Selling a pair of phonak 232.the accessories and cosmestics on pics (lost 1 large silicone tip),brand new ipod/iphone cable.price is $330 shipping and pp included!
Up for sale a pair of He-300 very good condition:Box,velvet bag, one pair of black velour pads, one set of pleather pads and the paperwork. There is some sort of warrantee card but it's in Chinese... Other than that they work as designed. Price is $130 shipped and paypal.price is firm.thank you!
That is from long ago.anyone have his/her 888 for $50 i will buy all!
Sennheiser Amperior $130.00 with around 40 hours of use,still in 2-years warranty with sennheiser. Price included shipping CONUS and pp fee.price is firm,thank you!
I don't ship international for this item.thank you.
YUIN PK1:Used,first owner,purchased 10 months ago.Including 1 pair of donut foam,1 pair of regular foam.Accessories and cosmestic on pics.$110. PRICE INCLUDED PAYPAL AND SHIPPING.PRICE IS FIRM.THANK YOU.
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