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I have a baby on the way and unfortunately I need to part with my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro /80 ohm headphones. I used these mostly at work and the drivers have between 50-100 hours on them, probably closer to 50.   Here's the story:   I bought these used from Amazon and found they had faulty drivers, so instead of sending them back, I had Brian over at BTG Audio install two Beyerdynamic factory new drivers and one of his 4 strand milloit braid, clear OFC cables with an...
  Cheers! Enjoy!
Just to chime in with my two cents -- I've owned both the AKG K550 and the Denon AH-D600. In terms of pure listening enjoyment, the Denon wins hands down. If you're going to use your iPhone and want a fun headphone that's super comfortable with tight bass and clear highs, it's hard to beat. Maybe the Sennheiser Momentum, but my preference is the D600. To me, the sound is engaging and fun.   The K550s are a nice headphone in their own right and have a great soundstage...
The DT880s are highly detailed headphones and tend towards a sparkly treble signature. Personally, I like them for rock and metal, but if you want really want bass, the DT770s might be a better fit among the Beyers.
For around 40 bucks, you might want to look at the VSonic GR02. I haven't heard them so I can't personally comment on the sound, but they've been pretty well-reviewed.   If you want a good cheapie set for under 15 bucks, might want to look at the Ultimate Ears 200. I use them when I travel and they have nice isolation and a fun sound, good for rock and metal. Not fatiguing at all and I don't worry about losing them.
The D600 is a very musical headphone. At first the bass is very strong (almost overpowering) but with about 40-50 hours of burn-in, it really starts to settle down. The mids are recessed a bit but the highs are clear. It's definitely not tuned to a "flat EQ" as the box reads, but it's a fun sound. Great for pop, rock, metal and hip-hop. They are very comfortable too.
In addition to asgoiv's suggestions, you also might want to check out the Denon AH-D600.
The Fiio E6 is a small portable amp with two levels of bass boost. You plug it directly into your iPhone's headphone jack. It costs around $25 or so.
You might want to take a look at Redco Audio as well. They are very reasonably priced and will make you custom cables. They are located in Connecticut.
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