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 I found that the Coax input on the Theta sounds ever so slightly better to my ears over the Optical. IMO skip on the better toslink cable and just pick up a well built Coaxial cable with for the U12.    Thanks for the confirm on the filter and the higher output Mike! Jason mentioned the PCM67 cost cutting over in the Schiit Happened thread last summer.  When...
 That's the one. Pretty cool that it's prime eligible too. 
 Not Purrin here, but I'm pretty sure he means the Gustard U12 USB converter - which is a pretty good deal for $140-160. 
 I know, right?  ------------------- As a general FYI for anyone considering picking these up: one thing I really wasn't ready for was the increased output voltage that some of these Theta DACs put out. I had to use a Harrison Labs 12db attenuator in line just to be able to use the volume knob on my amplifier.  Theta apparently did this to make them badass passive preamps (and they are). But if you're not ready for it and/or don't realize that they do that, you could end...
 My experience with this is actually what makes me hopeful about Yggy tech trickling down the product line in the future. That's a spot on description of the digital filter. I've cycled through a number of PCM63 and PCM1702 DACs using DF1700P and PMD100 and none of them have sounded as good as the Progeny yet. Pretty damn impressive overall. 
 Not me personally, but AMB Labs has done far more for the hobby with their DIY open build designs than Voldemort. Period. The same AMB mentioned not three posts above yours. The same AMB who had to kick VD off of their forums for generally being a rude jackass and then preceded to attack in the aforementioned Mini^3 comparison post. To quote AMB directly: "As for why VOLDEMORT* was banned from this forum - it's all about his attitude and personal/character insults. That...
Only base model remaining. First come, first served. 
 This. As long as you're staying single-ended, it's a pretty incredible piece of kit. I use one of those with my Project Ember + Paradox/HD600. Make sure that you get a decent USB to Coax converter for it - Gustard U12 works well, a Ciunas Converter would be better still.  Don't run it off of Macbook or motherboard toslink. Seriously. Just don't. 
 The Mousai is also on Massdrop right now. If it hits lowest drop (and it probably will, 2 days left), it's only $299. Exceptional performance for the dollar. 
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