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 Neither did I. Not sure what's going on with that.
[Photos up by this evening, but the pics from the previous listing are available here - and it looks the same now as it did then.]   Selling my Garage1217 Project Sunrise III tube amp. Its a great little amp. I bought it from Sheldaze a little over a month ago as a temporary tube pre-amp for my powered speakers while my other pre was on loan. No need for it now, so I figured I'd pass on a deal to someone else.    Amplifier comes with original box and documentation,...
[Photos up. The two dots on the left cup were just lint, I brushed them off for the 4th pic so that it's clear that they're not scratches]   Selling an Oppo PM-3 with stock cable, Android cable, and denim case. It comes with its original box and packaging.    Love the headphone - could just use the money more than the portable at the moment. Price includes CONUS priority mail shipping, but not Paypal fees (so gift, or add 3.5%).    SOLD
Not at the moment, but thanks for checking! (Subsidizing an HE-6 setup that I bought last week >.<)
Black chassis, in new condition with original box and documentation. I bought it because I wanted to see what a Meier amp was like. It's a really nice budget amplifier. There's a review of it by Skylab over at Innerfidelity - you don't see many of these on this side of the pond.   Looking for a cheap nightstand amp or amplifier for the office? A gift for a friend who's getting into the hobby? Maybe you're just getting into the hobby and are looking for a nice amplifier...
For sale: one like new pair Audeze Sine on-ear headphones. Tried them out for a bit and I couldn't get them comfortable with my glasses and head shape. Just going to have to stick with my PM-3's. Comes with original shipping box, original headphone box, analog cable (no Cipher Cable), and original packaging materials.    Love the way they sound -- and if they make different pad options in the future, I'm sure I'll buy them again.    Price includes CONUS shipping by...
 I actually moved from my LG V10 to the 6S Plus. Why is that? 1. The amp on the LG V10 has variable output power based on headphone impedance. There's no way to control it directly, but you can trick it into "Aux" (full power) output by plugging in your headphone cable into the phone first. (This is after you install the DAC FIX app from the Google Play Store so that the internal DAC & amp will work with other players).  2. Even once you have the amp set to the power level...
 You know it  And thanks for the suggestion! (It doesn't prevent colds for me, but I do find that it takes the edge off.)  And thanks everyone for the well-wishes and sympathies. I'm hope today's meet was as awesome in person as it looked like it would be on paper.
Woke up with a head cold :(  Not going to come down there and spread it all over everyone's gear.    Have a good meet everyone! Take notes, because I want to definitely see a vital, active impressions thread so I can have some vicarious enjoyment later. 
 Yep - something like a revised UHA-4 or a Leckerton Apex Glacier equivalent would be ideal (keeping the crossfeed from the UHA-4 would be great too). 
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