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Thanks for the comment!  (And the power cable is now sold. Thanks everyone for the interest.)
Doing some literal downsizing and so I'm selling off this very substantial power cable. Sold by PS Audio for $185 new. More info about the cable can be found at that link.   It has been a great cable through my last three DAC changes.    I can snap additional photos on request, but the cable is in perfect condition as it has never really travelled around at all. No box or packaging included, just the cable itself.    Price does not include shipping (~$10 to most US...
50/50 on tomorrow. Got "roped into" teaching a faculty in-service tomorrow morning possibly extending into the early afternoon.   If I do show, it'll be for socializing and listening. No gear.
No notification here.
Will almost certainly be there for this one -- my wife and I can't travel out of state again until August 22nd due to work. (Win!)   Will update later with what I'll be bringing. Most likely though, it'll be my Modi Multibit [arrives tomorrow] > SWA-built AMB M^3 > modded HD650. 
For sale: one Schiit Bifrost Multibit in excellent condition. Includes a Schiit Pyst USB Cable, Power Cord, and ships in original shipping box.    Price does not include shipping (buyer's choice of USPS or UPS at actual cost) or paypal fees (3.5%). 
Putting my like new condition Chord Mojo up for sale. Comes with original box and USB cable. There are plenty of reviews around, obviously, but I'll just add mine to the bunch: it's an exceptional small form factor DAC/amp unit at a plenty reasonable price.   Looking for $500 CONUS shipped by USPS Priority mail, no trades. Add 3.5% for Paypal fees.    SOLD!
 They're not. The new 'Starving Student' Slants are $600. If you want them painted and dual XLR customized by Luis, its closer to $900-1000 depending on features and options. This is at least a couple hundred off.
 Neither did I. Not sure what's going on with that.
[Photos up by this evening, but the pics from the previous listing are available here - and it looks the same now as it did then.]   Selling my Garage1217 Project Sunrise III tube amp. Its a great little amp. I bought it from Sheldaze a little over a month ago as a temporary tube pre-amp for my powered speakers while my other pre was on loan. No need for it now, so I figured I'd pass on a deal to someone else.    Amplifier comes with original box and documentation,...
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