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Posts by jkous   Anyone know what these are and where I can get them?  Also, where do I get tips similar to these?
I can't seem to find the hippo shroom earphones anywhere.  Where can I purchase this online if I'm located in the US?
I've had the nocs 400 which was alright.  The only problem I had was that it doesn't fit my ear canal very well.  I have narrow canals and even the smallest tips were uncomfortable.  I liked the small form factor of buds themselves though. I'm looking to spend up to $100 for some IEMs that are around the same size as the nocs 400 or smaller and has tips for nanrrow canals.  Any suggestions?
Anymore suggestions before I pull the trigger?
I made an account just to get this question answered properly.  My budget is $300.  When I say slim, I'm talking about something like the ath m30, sony mdr 7506, or bose AE2.  I don't own any of the ones I just listed, but I believe they all have a pretty slim form factor.  I own a pair of ath m50 that I use for producing, but I want something lighter; they just aren't comfortable for me at all for enjoying music.  I listen to mostly old school hip-hop.   Suggestions...
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