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the red light thing is optical outright? then my e2 has it, i bought it on amazon, and it is factory sealed, thankfully i can return it easily, guess this is really bad luck
the explorer2 i got have the exact same logo as the original explorer, is this a mistake, or they decide to get rid of the 2 on the logo?
C5 S2 has less bass than the original, though I have had only a very short time with them. I would say the bass is between xba-h3 and re-400. And original c5 has more bass than xba-h3 I think. C5 S2 has a perfect distribution of low-mid-high for me, feel the "kick" yet doesn't distract me from the vocals; has detail yet not fatiguing or bright.  And, I do enjoy them better than the p5 s2, the p5s2 sounds a bit hollow or laid-back for me, warmer? (didn't pay much attention...
Hi everyone, die hard looking for those kind of speakers, only one I found is edifier R1800TIII which isn't available in U.S. Help please :)
WTB Philips Fidelio M1MKII black
whathifi rated them mkii really high, wonder when will they be available
haha, guess i am not the first one that find out
apparently 1a has a headphone side 4-pole 3.5mm adapter, which means, most of the 3.5mm on the market, which are 3 pole, does not fit. step away if you were thinking to replace their stock ofc, silver coated cable 
Tried the samsung level on-ear at bestbuy, first impression is pretty good
they both suck, boomy bass and lacks clarity I assume any of the other headphones u mention would be better than them, base on the impressions i read about them and some really really short time with klipsch.
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