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they both suck, boomy bass and lacks clarity I assume any of the other headphones u mention would be better than them, base on the impressions i read about them and some really really short time with klipsch.
Sealing the bassport helps to control the bass on mine. 
Oh lol, I ignored the 5万
5000 yan is around 50 usd, just wow
ah i thought u mean thin arm glasses help headphones comparing to not wearing glasses XD
how? lol
Yeah, Mikros was bass-lite too, but the vocal presentation sounds wonderful. K545 sounded thin last time I listen, probably because of my thick glasses, gonna have to try it again soon.
I also prefer portable haha, k550 is base-lite to me
Looking for headphone with good vocals like martin logan mikros 90. The vocals on them are well-separated from the music and stand out, not harsh, but the comfort was big issue. V-MODA XS has similar vocals as I recall, a tiny more laid-back than the 90, but it would still satisfy me, but it can't swivel, which is a downside for me.  Looking for closed back, or iem. THANKS
Great condition, month old. Asking for 80+shipping.
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