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I see, thanks
Saw this on a few websites, but there is almost no information about this. Is it good? Compared to S500? Thanks guys
Original package, everything included, buyer choose and pay for shipment.   In good condition, no scratch on the aluminum part, sign of used on ear pad (some wrinkles).
Found MDR-ZX750 on amazon, one ships from hk and one from japan. Wonder if they are on the same level with the 10r. 
After comparing them on my own, I still prefer kef m500. I am so sensitive to harshness that I prefer the vocals from kef.  And more importantly, listening to EDM on kef gets the "drop" you don't get from MLs. But I do wish that kef could have MLs' 3D space feel and separation. It is sometimes hard to enjoy the vocal from kef because they lacks body and blend in with the music.  
I don't have stock normal size uni-flange eartips, but I do have the sony eartips, some scratches on the aluminum part, no original box
Got my hands on a pair of adaro for about 10 minutes today. I would say it is dark, boomy, not too much, but definitely a little. Lacking treble, and also clarity. Comfort wise, it is pretty comfortable, have cushions like the new beats studio but well it is $100, i would say it is on par with most other $100 headphones you find in bestbuy, considering it is their first attempt, i would say it is decent
Almost brand new, it is just opened, buyer pay for shipping
Yeah, it is a scale based the reviewer's opinion
found this on goldenears, left is mk2, right is 1r source: mk2: 1r:
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