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It's an adapter meaning that i can take it off and still use my cable normally when im done correct ? That's awesome, where can i purchase the Banna Plugs to 1/4 female adapter? I want to make sure I get the exact cable I need as i am very eager to listen to this ultimate setup this week.
I want to keep my cable as i will be using the HE-500 driven off my DX100 sometimes.
Hi i want to use my Hifiman He-500's on the Emotiva Mini x a-100. I was wondering which cable what i need in order to connect it to the speaker amp? This is my current and only cable i have for my 500's    
most people know the main strengths of Hifiman Headphones is it's midrange. I was in hurry when I typed that, so I forgot to mention. If you love the mids of the HE-500 then I am sure you will like the mids of the HE-400. That might be the final reason of why you may enjoy the HE-400 over the HD600 if you get the chance to hear them. mids are slightly pushed back on the HE-400 vs the 500 but it's still a delightful treat. the mids of the HE-500 are much more prominent.
HE-400 faster, slightly less soundstage than the HD600, easier to drive, lovely sparkle in the treble, and more engaging. Bass has more texture/detail and much quicker than both headphones while still giving the music a nice punch to it.
I've found the HE-400 to be more versatile and superior than the HD-650's and 600. IMHO
Hai everyone, im new to I was looking into the IEM section and I was wondering which IEM would fit both Jazz Pop-punk/Alternative rock. I was looking into either the Heir Audio or the Westone 4r. I do enjoy a flat signature so im wondering which I would enjoy best.
Hello everyone I need a top tier universal. I'm coming from the Re262, Vsonic Gr07 Mk II, and i want a new IEM that can present music in a different or maybe better way. IEM's i was looking at were are the Earsonics SM3, FX700, Sony MDR Ex1000, ortofon eq7, and possibly the Heir Audio
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