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 Ergonomics are very important to me since I mostly use the phones during commute to work which involves train, subway, and walking. I had a lot of trouble with Tralucent stock stiff cables during commutes - even had phones pop out (disconnect from the cables) and almost lost them. Since I moved to whiplash and also used some glue (per Gavin's recommendation) I have not had any more problems with that. I will say that the stock cable that came with Ref 1 seemed somewhat...
 Regular twau reference gold plated silver (not 8 strand). http://www.whiplashaudio.com/cables/whiplash-custom-cables/new-flagship-twau-reference-gold-plated-silver.html
 Thanks - it makes sense to me copper would sound better and especially with 1plus2.2. I have used some type of custom copper cabel with the original 1plus2 and that helped improve the SQ - smoothed out some of that sibilance that is occasionaly present with original 1plus2.
 But you are talking about the new copper stock that came with Ref 1 too, correct? Not the old stock silver/gold now being used with your new Ref 1 too?
 Thanks. So the silver/gold people are talking about in this thread (even recently) is still the old one? Meaning as far as current new tralucent cables the only two options are 7 n OCC copper and Uber too on all new tralucent phones?
So the new stock silver/gold is that much better then the old tralucent stock cables? The reason I ask is that the I find the whiplash cable far better than the old stock that came with my original 1p2 and Ref 1. Ergonomics are not even close - old stock was poor in that respect as far as I'm concerned (too stiff), and I prefer the whiplash SQ as well (whiplash has been more or less permanently glued to my Ref 1).
 If you mean new Tera here is the official site: http://www.tera-player.com/ There is a link for Charles' email on that page. That's how you order.
 That's only the beginning. Soon after you get Ref 1 you will want Plus5, 1Plus2.2 and Uber. That's how it goes with Tralucent - once you get that sound imprinted into your brain you are done - can't shake the desire for more.
 Preventing internals getting rusty is all I believe it does and that makes sense.However difference in sound? I don't hear that.
 I purchased it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Ballistol-Multi-Purpose-Cleaner-Protectant-Sprayer/dp/B00A470DQA
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