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 However given the new Tera price heavy consumption of alcohol or other spirits may be a prerequisite to buying and hearing Tera's true potential.
 I don't use iTunes any longer (since I started buying HD music) so at this point I prefer apps that don't try to interact with iTunes at all.
 I have Amarra 3.0, Audirvana Plus, and Vox and slightly prefer Vox over Amarra. SQ of Vox is very similar to Amarra 3.0 and both are better than Audirvana Plus (IMHO).However Audirvana does have the best user interface if that's important to you. Amarra is the least stable of the three (which is why I use Vox more than Amarra).
 If the price is too high it's better not to test listen to Tera at all - once you hear what it sounds like you will be miserable that you can't afford it.
 I upgraded from 1plus2 to Ref 1 to get rid of occasional sibilance on 1plus2 - happened to get that on some of my favorite albums (ie Louis Armstrong, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez vocals).Ref 1 completely took care of that, and also further improved on mids and bass - those were the additional benefits I noticed once Ref 1 arrived.But I still think 1plus2 are phenomenal and I kept them because for some types of music I prefer them to Ref 1 (ie. instrumental piano - I prefer...
 Absolutely - this hobby is all about highly personal choices with no right and wrong answers (other than Tera is the best portable player ever which can never be improved on ).
 Let me add the obvious that if you want to use full cans with Tera that's also where amp would be needed to drive them properly. However as far as I'm concerned I prefer Ref 1 over any full cans I have ever tried (full cans make my ears sweat and I can't listen for long periods).
 Not in my opinion. However take this for whatever is worth since to me Tera SQ is PERFECT out of the box (when paired with Ref 1). I don't agree with others who have stated that Tera SQ is improved via use of amps.IMHO the only advantage of using ANY amp with Tera is if you want more volume and the amp is completely neutral and leaves the sound signature alone.
I have Meier Corda Quickstep amp which is completely neutral - when used with Tera it does not change the sound signature at all (which in my opinion is perfect since Tera SQ is perfect as is). Therefore the only reason to even use it with Tera is to turn up the volume even higher on certain types of music (bad as that may be for ears I find that for certain hard rock and heavy metal records I sometimes want to go higher than the max Tera output).
 I use Whiplash cable with Ref1 (see link) which ergonomically is much better than standard cable. SQ with this cable is also at least as good as standard which in case of Ref1 I think is very good (I have never tried uber because my usage scenario is on the go most of the time).By the way, I also have 1plus2 for which I did not think standard tralucent cable was good at all (not only ergonomics but SQ was somewhat harsh with sibilance, so I used a copper cable instead to...
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