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 Circuitry is one thing - however I suspect the custom software Charles wrote for that chip is the key that can't easily be replicated/duplicated (if at all).
 Even though that most likely means washing their hands of the RE-600 customer for all their future products? They certainly accomplished that with me - RE-600 was the first and last product I will ever buy from them, and it's all because of that cable.
 Interesting. That may be almost as exclusive as Tera.
Few examples - Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and especially Louis Armstrong. Those are some of my all time favorite singers and I have issues listening to them on 1plus2 because of sibilance. Another instrument (other than some voices) that I have some problems with is the trumpet (so suboptimal for Miles Davis and similar jazz). However classical music and especially piano and strings are absolutely perfect with 1plus2.
 Hard for me to explain so let me instead provide the link to the 2013 review of 1plus2 by one of the most knowledgeable people on this forum (in my humble opinion). He brings up sibilance in his review which probably explains it better than I ever could. http://www.head-fi.org/products/tralucent-audio-1plus2/reviews/8314
 Thanks. This is very helpful. Based on your feedback I think I may consider 1p2.2 as my most likely upgrade (although I will wait to hear some more feedback from few other about all of these). The only concern I have is that the original 1p2 had some sibilance issues which was the main reason I even got the original Ref1 to complement it (Ref1 is my default now and I only prefer 1p2 for clasical - especially piano and strings sound perfect to me on 1p2).  As far as you...
 @KiatsI'm also only interested in Tera and would love to hear comparison of how 1p2.2, Plus5,Ref1 too pair up with Tera (which would you pick if you could only have one of them).I currently have original 1plus2 and Ref 1 and love both of them so am wandering what would be the most worthwhile upgrade.
 I connect my HD12 to Macbook pro via USB and have had no problem with those drivers. I exclusively use it in this setup at my desk at home, and run the XLR output cables to Focal speakers. Sounds fantastic.
 Let me add my 2 cents since I also have both 1Plus2 and Ref.1. I find them quite different (both excellent but in different ways).To me 1Plus2 is more analytical/detailed/airy and seemingly closer match to what you like (highlighed in you post), while Ref.1 has a much deeper bass and feels less analytical then 1Plus2 - maybe preciesly because the bass is so pronounced that other qualities take a little bit of a back seat.However Ref.1 completely removes any problems with...
 This I completely agree with - the current price is insane and I agree when it was priced under 2K euro case could be made why that price made sense.Having said this the other day someone posted a question whether there is a Tera out there for sale. Made me think what I would possibly consider selling my Tera for (which I paid 840 EURO), and I conlcuded that right now I would only sell it for the full price of 10K EURO - because I would want to buy a new one right away...
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