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 Don't blame your ears - perhaps it depends even more on your music player. I use LPG and Tera with my Tralucent phones and the burn-in has been dramatically obvious with both (especially LPG with P5+uber).
 It will keep changing - for me up to about 200 hours. According to Gavin all his phones have long burn-in.By the way, I did not used to believe in burn-in until I started buying Tralucent phones (I have all 3 models), and I'm amazed how much they have changed (for the better) after purchase.
 I agree 100%. Sounds so incredible with both my LPG and Tera.
 Same here. I love my LPG but only use it when sitting down (ie train commute to work). However my Tera is unmatched for true mobility (walking, subway).
 Perfect. Thanks - it will be good to bookmark this.
 Thanks - good to know. If you still happen to know that router model number please post it here so we can try to locate that charger if needed.
 I purchased mine from official distributor as well (the only distributor in USA that I could find at the time I was purchasing which was sonicelectronix), but it did not come with extra charger.
 That info is not enough if the plugs size does not match - that's the problem for me - I actually have a few chargers that match as far as voltage and amp specs but the plugs don't match.Of course I can get a multi voltage adapter and set it to 12v - that is already my backup solution right now but I hate it (and even more hate the idea of applying glue).If it's that easy to use google to find this charger (with matching plug) why don't you post a few links to them...
 Thanks. I don't know about 'many' being available (and I have searched). Few nice people on this forum have posted links to few alternatives and I have purchased one of those. However I don't like fiddling with swapping plug/tips and setting voltages on these charges (at least the one I bought makes you do both) - instead I would prefer to have 2 extra original LPG chargers (one for home, one for work, and one for travel pack) and be done with it.However if you happen to...
My only complaint about charger is that Lottoo does not make extra LPG chargers easily available to purchase (ie make them available via amazon and we can drop this topic).
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