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 I completely agree. I bought 3 iems and had no problems at all. Gavin always very quickly answered my questions and was very professional and nice to deal with.By the way, the initial uber too cable I received was defective (sound cutting in/out if I moved/adjusted the cable), and Gavin immediately sent me the new one - he shipped the new one before I even returned the faulty cable back to him.
 When it comes to pure SQ quality considerations, LPG and Plus5 with uber too are my top choice (especially with DSD files - LPG is truly outstanding with those). However, because of astronomical cost of uber too and LPG being larger and generating some heat (so not as good in pocket as Tera) that combo is mostly for my stationary listening (ie. train ride to work every morning, or use at my desk at work). I use Ref 1 with Whiplash cable with my Tera most of the time for...
I have Corda Quickstep and can highly recommend it. Does not color the sound of Tera at all. Having said this I hardly ever use it since I'm listening to Tera exclusively with Tralucent IEM's where I don't feel anything else is needed.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/507835/meier-audio-quickstep-also-stepdance-and-2stepdance-discussion-and-impressions-thread   https://www.amazon.com/QUICKSTEP-Portable-Headphone-Amplifier-Silver/dp/B00FLQBPI4
Does anyone know where we may buy spare charger for LPG? Is buying from vendor the only option (let's at least assume this is an option), or are there third party chargers that are known to work?
 Only one small (but expensive) correction: to live forever in peace until the next Tralucent iem is announced. 
 I have all 3 tralucent phones and while they are all excellent all around iems (especially with Tera), my summary of their particular strengths the following: 1. Original 1plus2 - excels in treble (perfect for voice, classical music)2. Original Ref1 - excels in bass as you already know - slightly less detail and stage than 1plus2 and especially plus53. Plus5 - best of all worlds - perfectly balanced and extremely detailed. Widest stage of the 3.
 Congratulations! It's great that you can finally hear what this combo is all about. As far as tips go, I have tried so many I can't even remember, and ended up liking JVC spiral dots M/L size by far the best. I use them with all 3 pairs of my Tralucents. And yes, uber too cable should be next on your list to get best possible SQ out of these phones.Enjoy!
I use Whiplash TWAU reference gold plated cable with my original Ref1 and like the SQ better than the stock Tralucent silver/gold cable that came with it. Also, ergonomically this Whiplash is the best IEM cable I have ever used (use that combo exclusively with my Tera). I also do have the uber too which is amazing - in the league by itself  however I'm using it only when stationary - I would feel nervous using when moving around, and that may be due to some extent just to...
 I have Plus5 and the original Ref 1 and in my opinion Plus5 is a significant upgrade when paired with Tera. Seems to combine best features of 1plus2 (I also have original) and Ref1.I have not auditioned Ref1 too and 1plus2.2 so don't have a sense to what extent those are upgrades to the originals (but I have read enough reviews where it seems that is the case).
 Looking forward to this. I currently have 512GB and still can't carry everything I want on it (I don't like swapping cards).
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