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I downloaded Vox from Apple app store. Currently installed version of Vox is 2.5.4 and the nice thing is that when updates are available you get notified - same as when Apple's own apps need updates. As far as I remember the app was free but there are in-app purchases if you want - I think the $49.95 is to purchase Vox LOOP which supposedly lets you store your files in some type of cloud and access them from all your devices (I have ignored this and so far have not been...
 Not looking for better sounding player because I'm convinced it does not exist. I think Tera is perfect in every way - SQ as well as UI (for the way I use the player).However, given new price I'm sad to say even though I know how great it is there is no way I would be buying another Tera at these prices - no matter how much better it is than anything else out there.
 Vox is a free player that sounds very close to Amarra. I have both (regular Amarra) and can't tell them apart. And IMHO both sound better than Audirvana Plus which I have actually been happily using before I tried Amarra and Vox.Although to be fair to Audirvana their UI is better than both Vox and Amarra. Also let me add that I don't use itunes with any of these players and only listen to HD files purchased from places like HDTracks (I don't do any streaming either).
 I'm using it 5 days a week, at least 3 hrs per day.
 However given the new Tera price heavy consumption of alcohol or other spirits may be a prerequisite to buying and hearing Tera's true potential.
 I don't use iTunes any longer (since I started buying HD music) so at this point I prefer apps that don't try to interact with iTunes at all.
 I have Amarra 3.0, Audirvana Plus, and Vox and slightly prefer Vox over Amarra. SQ of Vox is very similar to Amarra 3.0 and both are better than Audirvana Plus (IMHO).However Audirvana does have the best user interface if that's important to you. Amarra is the least stable of the three (which is why I use Vox more than Amarra).
 If the price is too high it's better not to test listen to Tera at all - once you hear what it sounds like you will be miserable that you can't afford it.
 I upgraded from 1plus2 to Ref 1 to get rid of occasional sibilance on 1plus2 - happened to get that on some of my favorite albums (ie Louis Armstrong, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez vocals).Ref 1 completely took care of that, and also further improved on mids and bass - those were the additional benefits I noticed once Ref 1 arrived.But I still think 1plus2 are phenomenal and I kept them because for some types of music I prefer them to Ref 1 (ie. instrumental piano - I prefer...
 Absolutely - this hobby is all about highly personal choices with no right and wrong answers (other than Tera is the best portable player ever which can never be improved on ).
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