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 If you are thinking of buying 1plus2 at this point I would recommend to buy Ref 1 instead (both phones are from Tralucent, where Ref 1 is their new flagship). I have Ref 1 already for couple of weeks and it's even better than already amazing 1plus2 (occasional sibilance I noticed on 1plus2 is completely gone on Ref 1, and mids and bass are even better).Also, Ref 1 works perfectly fine with the stock Tralucent cable (gold/silver) while to get the most out of 1plus2 it's...
 Great - thanks for the instructions.
 How easy it will be to eventually detach the phones from the cable if you do this (water based adhesive)?Does some other product (chemical) need to be applied, or if not how should this be done properly and not damage the phones?
 And then once you get them you will still want at least 100 hours of burn in time before they open up and start sounding as good as what they are really capable off (ideally you want more than 250 hours).I was shocked how true this burn in requirement was with both 1plus2 and Ref 1 - previously always assumed people make too much out of this but am now completely convinced this is necessary (I have not noticed this nearly as much on the cheaper phones I used in the past).
 That sounds great. It would be also nice if for those of us who have already received Ref 1 (and/or 1plus2) you can provide some details regarding which particular adhesive you recommend (Amazon link would be good if possible) and also how much to apply and exactly where.
 I'm not saying they (or anyone else) should not care about quality - I don't think that's the issue here.The "issue" is that Tralucent has decided for portability reasons to go with the widely adopted system which is unfortunately not perfect.For example, I have a set of UE TF-10's that have a similar design and also randomly pop out. So completely different vendor (well known) and different cable and phones but the exact same issue.I do wish however that when they...
 Sure. But Tralucent is a small vendor and therefore not a surprise they decided not to focus on these types of requests. I think as clients we should be thankful they decided to focus on improving SQ over all else.
 That is one of recommended things to try. On 1plus2 thread I think I remember even seeing some photos of how to do this. I also remember trying to do this and failing miserably - I guess I'm just too clumsy.
 I have no experience with uber so far, but I prefer the DHC cable over the silver/gold with my 1plus2. It's probably because I went with DHC copper which smoothed out some of the occasional sibilance of 1plus2.Also, imho the DHC cable is ergonomically better than Tralucent cables. It has never popped out and is not as rigid as silver gold.
 Same here. The silver/gold with angled connector pops out for me on 1plus2, but the silver/gold with straight (came with Ref 1) has been fine so far.Also, the DHC cable I got for 1plus2 never popped out since I purchased it (at least 6 months ago).
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