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I find that wearing these backwards improves the seal dramatically.
 what What WHAT?  Are you kidding?  O_O
 Half that on Amazon.
I also grabbed a pair in that sale.  $35 after my almost-expired Egg Points.
A simple 5-band EQ does wonders.  Notch the bass, midbass / lower mids, and upper mids down a few notches, and enjoy.  It brings the mid-mids and treble out more, thus neutralizing the sound signature.  I am running with -6 / -6 / 0 / -5 / 0 on my Sansa Clip+ while using Comply Foam tips.
I can't believe how much thought and engineering went into the Pistons, considering how little they cost.
This one should work.
I received mine yesterday, and the're the same ones that you got , Martinrm.   They're legit.  Well, if they aren't legit, these are the best-sounding fakes I have ever heard.  A bit of EQing the bass, lower mids, and upper mids down yields surprising ly decent neutrality while maintaining outstanding detail - rivaling that of my Vsonic VC02.
 Indeed they are.  The comparison I linked covers their portability (lack thereof).
 If I may suggest, take a loot at the NVX XPT100. My comparison of the CAL! and XPT100.
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