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I find that wearing these backwards improves the seal dramatically.
 what What WHAT?  Are you kidding?  O_O
 Half that on Amazon.
I also grabbed a pair in that sale.  $35 after my almost-expired Egg Points.
 Indeed they are.  The comparison I linked covers their portability (lack thereof).
 If I may suggest, take a loot at the NVX XPT100. My comparison of the CAL! and XPT100.
 The first pair was defective, but the second pair was indeed operating as intended.  Their treble is very overpowering with velour pads (more than any other set of cans I own [ I don't have the Superlux set mentioned above]) since the velour reduces bass / midbass quantity.  With the HTF600's pleather pads, an actual seal is formed, and the bass / midbass is brought up to match the rest of the spectrum.  They were still quite bright, so I EQ'd their treble and upper...
 The warmness of the HTF600 flattens out into neutrality when you use velour earpads.  I am using the ones from my NXG HeadTrip was quite a squeeze to get them on though.  I also discovered that the NX-HTDJ sounds infinitely better with the HTF600's pleather pads...the NXG just doesn't have enough bass in the first place to use velour (makes them extremely bright).
 Sigh...then either the retailer I ordered mine from is intentionally selling defective units, or NXG is re-branding Monoprice's factory rejects...or they just have godawful quality control.
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