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Its been sitting around for over 7 years and now it comes in handy for me .. god love forums and the tinterweb !  
Thanks for that .. just looked and its still going to be £9 each for the valves.. rip off Britain same ones in the US £3 ! Think I'll build an O2 instead :(
Hi guys 0/ I’m new to the forum so be gentle please J . I’m just in the process of finishing Pete’s Might Midget, just a matter of casing up and getting it to my friends to hook up to his many boxes that beep and make pretty patterns on the front, I think they are called oscillators , not sure lol. Anyway I love the idea of the starving student but I have searched for a supplier of the toobs in the uk and can’t find anyone so far. When I search on eBay I get suppliers...
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