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[IMG] I simply made this to tighten up the screws. =)
Indeed. One of the best iems i've auditioned in yodobashi. No regrets having it. Way enjoy them than my ws99 and cks99.
Ty. I guess the mids, just a little laid back.. But not that really noticeable.
Take note that you should be the one to make the plastic base to achieve a tight fit. I made mine for about 3hrs measuring, shaping, sanding, puting leather on top of it, etc. 
Nope, as long as the plastic base is as fit as the desired pads it would perfectly fit tight. Tape it with back to back adhesive tape inside the plastic to stick the plastic base to the phones and to keep it well isolated. Back to back adhesive tape is great to use because you can easily pull it back out the plastic base without harming or scratching the phones.
Hi Jung Woo Cho! Yup just figured out by using desktop computer its way easier to post pics. Used my spare superlux pads but I think any pads will do as long as you cut out the thin plastic base the right measurements for the pads whatever you want to put on. I have a set of beyers dt990 pads coming, I guess it would feel a lot comfier than the superlux pads. There"s a lot of pads you can order online through this website in japan but I got mine from my wife living...
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