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I like mine. They have clarity and give a spaciousness to recordings. They are worth The $120 pricetag for a portable.
Ya. I like that case too.
Weight is definitely not an issue.Your type of ear makes a difference too I would think. Size etc.....
I can see now how my pk2's are cutting off the top end of my music. The ew9's have backed off a little too. So they are a little less in my face.The only thing I see as a little issue is the wire on my left ear can get uncomfortable after an hour or so. But an adjustment fixes that. I haven't tried adjusting with the little screw yet. I like them.
I was listening to some Al Dimeola today and he sounds fantastic.
Give them 50 to 60 hours burn in and they will sound great. You will see. :)   They will be more comfortable too. the little pads will break in too.
These have some nice bass out of my computer at work. I would think most people would be satisfied. I am starting to like these more and more. :) My ipod is a little lighter on the bass.
I am putting the ad700 on my christmas list. What I like about the ew9 is with amplification the soundstage opens right up. These are nice little cans. I am keeping them. :)
I would pick up a pair of ad700's or even ad900's if I didn't mostly listen at work. I bet the ad900's sound awesome. :) The esw9's would be a choice too.
They could be I suppose. I am sure the esw9 sounds better though just because of size difference in drivers and such. I think the ew9's would make a good portable laptop headphone. They sound great out of my computer. The bass is real strong when it needs to be out of a computer source.
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