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Thead update, photos should appear now.  
Hi Unfortunately I have no right for posting pictures yet; I guess when I will  have some more posts pictures will appear. If you provide me with an email address I can email them to you.  
Well, there must be a reason for that. My question was about if it was a problem of my browser or plugin as I do see the photos when I "edit" my message. Will those appear automatically when the minimum posts have been met?  
Thanks for the reply, I thought it would be some kind of restriction.
Hi all, my very first post in your great community!   Having recently acquired a set of HD565 and got stuck in finding a headband pad which I have read here is no longer available. Also read that the HD580/HD600 headband pad can be used with “spacers” but I thought I would go the DIY way instead. Materials used:   Black velour stripe (approx. 20cm X 25cm) Foam block (approx. 20cm X 5cm, thickness 2,5cm) Plastic (PVC?) stripe (21cm X 2,45cm thickness...
New to this community and really enjoyed reading here. I am trying to create a thread at the DIY section but I guess I don't have the rights yet. Any help on that?   Correction: I can create a thread but preview shows no photos though i have included them in message.
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