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Hi, Not that I can recall a lot of details but... There was no need to sand the excess of Contact adhesive glue as there was enough space, after all when this glue dries there is only a thin film leftNo extra cut was needed, the plastic had to have the correct size to exactly fit the grooves and it was cut at this size before attaching the rest.Arc of plastic was following the foam Now that I think it over only thing that could be possibly improved in procedure is that the...
Thead update, photos should appear now.  
Hi Unfortunately I have no right for posting pictures yet; I guess when I will  have some more posts pictures will appear. If you provide me with an email address I can email them to you.  
Well, there must be a reason for that. My question was about if it was a problem of my browser or plugin as I do see the photos when I "edit" my message. Will those appear automatically when the minimum posts have been met?  
Thanks for the reply, I thought it would be some kind of restriction.
Hi all, my very first post in your great community!   Having recently acquired a set of HD565 and got stuck in finding a headband pad which I have read here is no longer available. Also read that the HD580/HD600 headband pad can be used with “spacers” but I thought I would go the DIY way instead. Materials used:   Black velour stripe (approx. 20cm X 25cm) Foam block (approx. 20cm X 5cm, thickness 2,5cm) Plastic (PVC?) stripe (21cm X 2,45cm thickness...
New to this community and really enjoyed reading here. I am trying to create a thread at the DIY section but I guess I don't have the rights yet. Any help on that?   Correction: I can create a thread but preview shows no photos though i have included them in message.
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