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Most headphones sound better with higher volum? I remember my Audeze's did aswell
I find HD650 suprisingly bassy. But its not very clean, tight and clear like planars.    I got Valhalla 2 now, sounds terrific! Better then the WA6-SE I had
^ This   They could atleast make a cheaper version of the LCD-4 headband for the rest of the LCD series. 
This is so much better then the original!  
 Ive had all LCD's except LCD-4 and XC. To me, LCD-3 was better then LCD-X. The X was kinda tiresome. But still, im not a fan of Audeze anymore. Sounds to closed inn.  I'm currently using HD650, so HD800S would be an upgrade no matter what :D 
How are the HD800S with EDM or other electronic music?  Boards of canada, Moderat, Atoms for peace, Jamie XX, just to name some
I ended up ordering a Valhalla 2! Cant wait to try it, even tho I originally wanted a SS amp, like the Audio GD C-2. 
How warm is this amp compared to... Most tube amps? I sold my WA6-SE, and look for a new amp. I dont really want a very warm up cause HD650 are already pretty warm toned. 
Is it as warm as Woo amps? 
Ive been 2 weeks without HD600/HD650 now cause I dont have an amp to drive them... Its really hard to choose! Please help!  I had WA6-SE, but tbh I want a SS, but if I cant find any ill just stick with a Valhalla 2
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