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Hello! I've been looking for a song thats on The Grand Tour episode 10. Its from the 9 minutes mark when they show the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Nobody seems to know what its called... So I thought id try here :D  Unfortunaly, they only played like... 30 sec of it in the episode I hope someone can help!!   Thank You  
 FirstWatt makes everything sound better!I had my LCD-3s connected to a FirstWatt F6 when I had HE-6 myself.So smooth and liquid! 
Could u be a little more specific why?What I miss with my HD6X0 is the speed (ive only heard he-1000, crazy how fastr it is compared to LCD-3 which I had at the time) and the crystal clear sound.Hows the speed with Elear compared to HEX?(my sig isent updated, I dont have HE-6 anymore, only HD600 & HD650). 
One can only hope that it backfires and make certain companies get back to planet earth!  Lets face it, its not night & day differences between lets say a 1k headphone and a 3k. 
 Which do you prefer for electronic/experimental/alternative music? Like Radiohead, modern indie like Deerhunter, Moderat, more underground club music etc? 
Similar to HD650 -> But better bass -> Good for electronic & EDM = Nighthawk Carbon? 
Yes this thread is much better then the other one. No more hentai strange music   I cant wait to hear Focals with electronic music
In two weeks ill see these guys :D  
Heard this live recently, was sick!  Great vibes   
Who likes booming bass anyway😀Personally I prefer tight and clean bass over booming bass
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