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Thom Yorke's new album is gold!  
Couldent agree more!Punch/impact is also importent for EDM, else its just rather dull... 
Now this is a sexy tune!  
Going to be interesting to see how Hifiman HE-560 sounds with such music :D  
I can get Schiit, Violectric, Lake People & Auralic amplifiers with 14 days return policy.Audio GD is not hard to get either.  Yulong look very tempting, but difficult to get for me. And so is the 337/339 amps...  Anyone heard the Lyr 2 compared to Mjolnir in terms of how powerful/dynamic it sounds? 
Ive ordered myself HE-560s, and now looking for an amp. Many claim Schiit Mjolnir is too bright combo with HE-560, and being the young guy I am, I dislike when its too bright, so I want something warmer sounding. Schiit Lyr 2 seem very interesting, and so does the Violectric amps. What you guys recommend? I do like a powerful sound, like the Mjolnir gives tho. 
So, for the avarage guy, like myself, who want a versatile amp, the V220 might be better option then a V281? Or is the V281 still superior for headphones which doesnt require a lot of power like HE-6? 
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