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Yes this thread is much better then the other one. No more hentai strange music   I cant wait to hear Focals with electronic music
In two weeks ill see these guys :D  
Heard this live recently, was sick!  Great vibes   
Who likes booming bass anyway😀Personally I prefer tight and clean bass over booming bass
 Thats not good man. Supercharger sucks and I hate the whining sound it makes
What about the elear? I'm considering to buy a pair of elears as an upgrade from HD6X0.  I'll hopefully get a demo this weekend
But the bass on the Focal's wont be like a planar right? So it might be a little more wooly and not as tight and clean
You know... Stuff like that is what scare people away and make hifi look like a very unserious business... $145k system that you probably wont really hear the difference between in a blind test versus much cheaper stuff. 
In terms of DJ's, there's alot of better clubs in Berlin than Berghain, in my opinion. Speaking of such, ever been at Primavera in Barcelona? They used B&W I believe, really good sound, probably the best ive experienced at a festival. Not to mention the lineup! DJ Koze, Maceo plex, Moderat, Radiohead etc... Holy smokes....  HE-6 with FirstWatt F6 = best ive ever heard, my previous setup. I hope Focal Elear or MrSpeakers Ether Flow will top that. I just really enjoyed the...
This is so good... Perfection...  
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