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I think those who vote Lyr are those who have only heard LCD-2 with Lyr. :P 
You can send Audeze email with ur serialnr and you will get a graph in ur email.  I belive they also improved quality on the wood or something so that you dont need the wax anymore
It seems to be a trend to price new headphones really high compared to what you get?  Bcuz of this ive started looking in the the "lower" priced bracket as I havent explored much in the headphone world
Only his mind does
Do they just suddenly die or is it dying gradually? 
For those who have both LCD-X and LCD-3F, can you do a little listen for me? I found that I could hear the singers breathing more on the LCD-X. Like it was more airy and detailed then the LCD-3F. Anyone else agree with this?  Especially on this track:    
How many sold so far? 
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