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I hope Hifiman can fix it for a fair price. Not buying a brand new pair, simple as that. Way too pricey with the currency which has gone bust
... And there my right channel stopped working... I was listening for a couple of hours, then went to take a piss. When I came back the right channel had stopped working. Its not like I was blasting the INT-150 at maks volume either... 85dB measured with iPhone app. Any suggestions? Ive tried everything, from swapping back to the resistor, using different amplifier etc... I guess they are broken :( 
Got my BTG cable today. Much nicer then using the HE-Adapter indeed.  It sounds like its more dynamics and easier to hear details.  Now the real comparison between F6 & INT-150 starts.  It does still seem like the F6 just sounds more airy/big, it has some magic the INT-150 doesnt have. 
Dont give them good impression then. Then they will probably bump up the price! :D Joke
If they were to make the LCD-4 lighter, it would probably be alot more carbon, and price increased to atleast 5k! 
Stupid question time! So, when I disassembled the drivers from the headband, I forgot to memorize or mark the left & right. It only says L & R on the headband mehanicsm. So is there any way to tell which is what? Or does it not matter when if I mix up left & right driver? :D 
So for those who want to get that headband for their current Audeze, I guess the price will be something like 300bucks? :D 
This looks really good! Maybe a real contender for Gungnir? :D 
Yeah ive heard some electrostat-hybrids from Sanders sound systems. They cost 130k NOK tho... But they was pretty good, driven by a First Watt F5 Turbo. If ill get some speakers ill get them from Doxa/Seland Audio. Their speakers are terrific
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